The joy of using ghd and why to use it

There is no big secret that ghd can bring a lot of joy if you style your hair on a daily basis and it is one of the leading brands in hair industry.

I have very straight hair and I never had a hair straightener and probably I won’t because for me it’s enough to wash my hair and wholia magic happens – completely straight hair!
However, I think everyone agrees that sometimes we want something we can’t have and for me it is big curls. Because my hair is very straight to make it curly can be slightly challenging, so when ghd in Selfridges invited me and beautiful Sophie from  thescientificbeauty to come over to test and learn more about their new pink collection I got very excited!

Let me introduce you ghd platinum electric pink styler that contains tri-zone technology allowing to maintain temperature at optimal 185 degrees throughout the styling , which is the best temperature to style your hair. I heard that people style their hair above 200 degrees and it certainly can induce a lot more breakage, so if you want to avoid split ends and fragile hair make sure to use optimal temperature during styling. It also has a protect guard plate and universal voltage, fantastic if you travelling a lot because you are always know you can style your beautiful hair, and of course it heats up super quickly.

As I said I have naturally very straight hair so if you need some advice about hair straightening Sophie done a fantastic job sharing her experience.

Anyway, I got my hair styled using ghd soft curl tong thahas tri-zone technology and large 32mm ceramic barrel designed to create wonderful curls. Ceramic plates allows better heat distribution that not only allows to maintain temperature but also protects against hair damage.

I know it is old news, but if you want your curls to hold and especially if you have very straight hair like me, you have to use additional products before styling, such as curl hold spray, before sectioning your hair for styling. Lovely Lucy styled mine and Sophies hair and she gave me advice to hold my curls in place while it cools down that why curls will hold better (Thank you Lucy – you changed my life forever and shame on me, bad scientist, not thinking about it before)

Let me just say that next day after having a very good sleep (when you have pillow marks on your cheeks) my curls were still on – I was genuinely impressed because usually it just doesn’t last.

Overall as a scientist I think ghd products are great and very professional, but don’t forget if you styling your hair with the heat make sure to use heat protection and also add hair care products rich in proteins and amino acids to maintain hair strength and moisture.

Have you used any ghd straighteners or products? Please let me know I would love to know your opinion!

Also, please visit page, Sophie is absolutely wonderful and shares not only her science knowledge but also how to master PhD and a lot of tips and tricks (oh and her fashion style can be a big inspiration – trust me!)

Important to mention, from every ghd pink collection purchase ghd will donate money to breast cancer research and as a scientist I really appreciate that!

* I was invited to visit ghd at Selfridges but all opinions, words and photos are my own