Doing what I love as a scientist – attending ESDR2016 conference

Being a scientist is like having love and hate relationship, at least for me, however one of the best things you get to do as a scientist is to travel to the conferences and meet great people. That’s what I did when I attended ESDR2016.

The last month was not the best for me, I had pretty bad anxiety and the worst I completely lost confidence in myself, I thought that every experiment is just a massive failure or my data doesn’t mean anything. I felt pretty low but the last week has been a huge game changer and let me share why!

I know I will sound like a massive nerd but to be honest I am super proud that I attended ESDR2016 meeting with my fellow labfriend-yoga goddess Ellie and several other members from my lab.

I know this post might really be boring for some of you but I am feeling pretty damn good and I just really want to share this. ESDR is an European Society for Dermatological Research where scientist from Europe and different parts of the world get together to share their work, network and discuss science. This year it was held in Munich, Germany and oh my how much I fall in love with the city!

At the meeting I was presenting my research poster and it was so exciting to have people coming over to talk with me about my work, to discuss future collaborations and actually feel that my work is so interesting to someone else. I absolutely loved that feeling when I was sitting in a big lecture theatre and listening incredible speakers sharing their work and feeling confident to ask questions in front of a lot of people.

I am not going to discuss scientific facts here but one talk by Angela Christiano, a professor in molecular dermatology, was extremely inspiring. She shared her experience how to succeed and not to give up and how it is important to celebrate every little achievement, even for a few minutes. If something doesn’t work don’t blame yourself accept it and move on and don’t let self doubt take over your emotions.  I know it is old news but sometimes you need to hear it from someone else.

Overall, I had an incredible experience and the most important I felt so inspired and lucky to have friends from the lab abroad that support me not only in the research but also believe in me and my little blog (Marta, Jennifer and Jeremy I am looking at you!).

It doesn’t matter if you are scientist or engineer or chef or a sport fan, don’t forget to celebrate every little achievements in your day whether it is an extra kilometre you run or you done well with your experiments or even if you finished a little task – grab that chocolate you love, speak with person that inspires you and make that delicious coffee – you deserve that! Positivity is necessity for success but also essential for healthy hair (I  believe that!)

Have a wonderful hair day xx