L’Oreal fibrology air dry shampoo – review

I bet everyone has those days when you don’t want to wash your hair and dry shampoo comes to rescue you or in my case L’Oreal fibrology air dry shampoo.

As  a hair scientist and blogger I try my best to keep up with all the new products in the market and I noticed there has been a lot of buzz about L’Oreal fibrology products so I thought I have to try it myself.

The downside of this product is the smell, which too powerful for me. Yet, I am the person who doesn’t like too much of the smell in haircare. I don’t think our hair benefit from a lot of fragrance, but it does give that clean and fresh feeling for majority people.

However, L’Oreal fibrology air dry shampoo does it’s job, absorbs the oil, it is pretty light and doesn’t cause that strong build up that you can get with other dry shampoos. It contains silicone dimethicone , which makes hair look more shiny, while starch and alcohol absorb the sweat and oils to make hair look more clean.

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I can’t say that after using it my hair had crazy hair volume, but it did feel more clean. Overall I would rate L’Oreal fibrology air dry shampoo 7/10 , because it does work well, but I wish the smell wasn’t that strong.

Have you used this product? What is your opinion? I would love to hear it !

Have a wonderful day xx