The secret behind using hair oil – what do you need to know?

I still remember first hair oil I owned (well my mother did but you know sharing is caring) from Bodyshop  in my teenager years. Even though I did not fully know what oils do for my hair I knew my hair loves it. Today, I know much more about hair and also oils, therefore I would like to share my knowledge with you.

Oils are very important in protecting hair from damage and depending on their structure they can do a lot to our hair. Similar like with hydrolysed protein, if oil structure is light it can actually penetrate inside the hair shaft, whilst other oils can be too heavy  and they usually coat our hair. 

Oils can also reduce amount of water being absorbed into the hair and that way prevent hair swelling and split end formation. Other oils can form a film on the cuticle surface to enhance hair shine, reduce friction and hair styling damage.

Try to choose hair oil products that contain variety of different oils, same as with hydrolysed proteins. Very common is coconut oil, which is great because it can maintain hair strength, whilst mineral, brazilian nut , passion fruit seed/flower extract oils are better reduce friction and increase hair shine. Morrocan argan oil has a very good reputation and it certainly can increase hair moisture, but again I would still try to use variety of different ones. Jojoba oil is another common one for protecting and moisturising hair. 

I recently got L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil and I am very fond of this oil – great product that is not too expensive and has a lot of goodness to add shine, to provide protection coat  and to maintain hair strength. It doesn’t feel too heavy and only a few drops are enough.

What hair oils you tried? Do you like them? Please let me know !

Have a wonderful day xx