My journey from straight to curly hair using Irresistible me hair wand

This festive season certainly inspires me to style my hair a lot more – work parties and family dinners the best time to show my new skills I gained after using Irresistible me Sapphire 8 in 1 curling wand. 


I always complain that I have very straight hair  (some people say I am extremely lucky) but hey ho we always want something we don’t have. Even VOGUE wrote an article that wavy/curly hair look is the one that majority of people are going for these days and I do trust VOGUE when it comes to fashion and hair style!

Anyway, instead of being constantly jealous of bouncy hair I decided it is about time I get the dream look I want using Irresisitable me hair wand. With all honesty, I never been so impressed with myself during hair styling. We had work party last week and I went for full glittery dress and big curly hair (you can find my entire look on my Instagram). My dearest colleagues complemented how great my hair looks and it lasted all night long and the next day.

I wash my hair the night before or in the morning (if I am styling in the evening) to make sure that my hair is completely dry, because if hair is at least a bit wet that will not allow to form and hold curls. I apply heat protection, curl hold spray and use Irresistable me Sapphire 8 in 1 curling wand at 180 degrees. My most favourite barrel is 25mm because it can give me more wavy/beach hair.

This weekend I had lunch date with my lovely friend that probably has the most bouncy and curly hair ever. She knows me and my hair very well and when she saw me with wavy hair she was very impressed. The best part is that I did feel very well and confident and  it just shows that hair can certainly make us more happy.

I am about to pack my suitcase, take my Irresistable me hair wand (I am basically sure my mother will be trying to take it away from me) and have a good break from science. However, I am pretty excited to play with my hair a lot more during Christmas.

What hair style you are going for this festive season? Do you like straight or curly hair? Please let me know!

Have a wonderful day ! xx