Hair products – worth the hype?

I have a little confession to make – whenever I am in Boots or Superdrug I cannot walk away from hair products. I have to check all new products, look at beautiful packing and probably buy something. The other day I was clearing my bathroom draw when I realised that I have several hair products that I used few times but never felt like sticking to them.


I kept looking at the ingredients list, thinking what felt wrong with them and came up with idea  to write about them. There is a lot of ‘monthly favourites’ or ‘best products ever’ but I feel it is important to talk about cosmetic products that sometimes just don’t work that well.

The first is L’Oreal sensi balance shampoo that I got for my scalp. I said several times that I have sensitive scalp and I need to choose something that will prevent dandruff formation. I came across this shampoo and noticed it does have salicylic acid that removes dry flakes and also has my favourite hydrolysed protein with amino acids. Overall, I do think it is a good product but not for me – my scalp felt dry and I felt my hair got oily faster then usually. Shampoos are very personal choice and unfortunately this did not work well for me, but it might work for someone else. Instead I went for Head&Shoulders, it is my safe option and I think my scalp responds better to zinc pyriothine.

The second one is L’Oreal Fibrology Air conditioner that I purchased sometime in autumn, a while ago! I got L’Oreal dry shampoo from the same line , which I think is pretty good. However, this conditioner did not work that well for me. From the ingredients list the main compound to expand hair and give that volume is aminopropyltriethoxysilane. I noticed when I washed my hair that it did not have big volume I wished for and my hair felt  a bit ‘messy’ . I am not sure how to explain but do you get that feeling when you wash your hair and something just doesn’t feel right? That’s how and my hair felt. What I would use instead to add some volume? Kerastase Densifique that I already reviewed and I truly enjoy , interestingly enough Kerastase is L’Oreal company, but clearly it shows that  formulation does a lot!

Overall, I really like L’Oreal , some of my most favourite hair products that I own are from this brand. However, these products did not click with my hair that well.

Maybe you tried these products and it really works for you? Or maybe you have something to recommend? Please let me know!

Have a wonderful day xx