Science and Hair inspiration – Patricia

Another Friday another hair and science inspiration.

Let me introduce Patricia that has a beautiful Instagram account where she shares her love for science and how to have fun! I also watched her presenting at the conference on YouTube and if you love science you have to check her out speaking – she is a talent! Also, I am very impressed with her haircare products list, even slightly jealous but also glad that I am not the only one collecting so many hair goodies (high five Patricia!).

Anyway, I will let Patricia to share her hair story!

Describe your research/what do you do ?

I am a researcher designing, synthesizing, and testing new radioactive molecules to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. We are hoping to apply a new technology that would reduce the radiation dose experience by patients when using nuclear medicine techniques such as positron emission tomography.

What is your hair type and what do you love most about your hair?

My hair is kinky coily and if you are in to classifying curl patterns I will call it 4c with a few 4a curls. It’s low porosity so hard to absorb water. It takes a long time to get wet and a long time to get dry. So it takes a bit of effort to get moisturized but then the moisture sticks around for some time. The things I love most about my hair are its versatility and texture. I like that I can switch up my look with very little effort and I definitely have a hand-in-hair problem. I love playing with it!

What is your current haircare routine?

My wash routine typically starts with an oil treatment. Right now I used a mix of olive oil, castor oil, and coconut oil. I slather that on my hair, detangle a bit and let it sit under a conditioning cap for 5-20 min. Then I shampoo, deep condition, and apply a rinse out conditioner. Outside of the shower after drying with a T-shirt I apply a leave-in conditioner, argan oil, and a cream moisturizer then style as desired. I alternate between protein rich products one week and moisturizing products the next. I repeat the post shower moisturizing technique as needed but I don’t use shampoo more than once a week. I might do a water rinse or co-wash (conditioner wash) in between the shampoos if needed.

What is your favourite/most common hairstyle you tend to have during crazy lab days?

Either the high puff or just throwing in a few bobby pins and headband and pulling it back. I don’t like to spend more than 5-10 min on my hair on a regular day.

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Your top tip for good haircare?

Deep conditioners and hair masks. Whatever your hair struggle there is bound to be a treatment that can at least make your tresses more lively. Maintaining the protein moisture balance does wonders! (Me: couldn’t agree more!)

The most crazy hair fact/myth you have heard?

“xxx product is for [insert race] people hair.” I definitely used to buy in to this myth that a certain product would not work for me because the face on the box did not look like mine. Now that I have learned more about what my hair needs I have now switched my attention from the front of the box to the back. It’s all about that ingredient list. I have expanded my hair care collection to include products marketed to a variety of people. One of my favourite gels is actually market to white guys. #justsayin

My opinion: have to admit this is very interesting! I truly agree that ingredients are the key and there are a lot marketing tricks when it comes to specific hair products. Find something that works for your hair and spend less time worrying what the front of the packing says! 

What are your overall thoughts about hair?

Just like every part of your physicality your hair should be taken care of and embraced. There is no such thing as good/bad hair, all that matters is healthy hair !


Thank you so much Patricia for sharing your hair story and giving excellent tips!

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