Hair habits that we need to stop now

My mother told me once that hair and good shoes are the key for the good look. I love shoes and looking after my hair using different products is my hobby. Even though I am not the best at styling my hair I do try my best to keep my hair as healthy as possible. However, there are some bad hair habits that some of us have and slightly ignore it, including me.

How about we make a promise to each other and try to ditch these bad hair habits?!

Touching hair constantly – I am so guilty of this! Even if I have my hair in a ponytail or in a bun I catch myself touching/checking my hair. This is a bad habit because our hands are not always clean and we are putting additional dirt on the hair. Also, this is a bad habit for those who suffer from oily hair.

Not washing your hair right – this is a bad hair habit.  I watched a lot of YouTube videos where bloggers share haircare routine and one of the common mistakes they are making rubbing hair fibers into each other during the hair wash. Stop this bad habit now as it induces a lot of friction on your hair. Instead we need to apply shampoo or conditioner and gently distribute on our hair. Trust me you will notice the difference! I am guilty of doing that in the past, but since I became more aware of hair washing I did notice a difference. Next time you are going to wash your hair, be gentle!

Ignoring heat protection sprays – I got into heat protections only about two years ago and I do think it changed my haircare routine. Whenever I am running late but still have my hair wet I tend to turn my hair dryer to a higher temperature than usually, which is not the best. For this reason heat protection is one of my best friends in my haircare routine. If you own a hair dryer, hair wand or straightener , heat protection is a must!


Investing into good hair products sometimes is just not enough. Ditching bad hair habits can be that golden key for healthy and beautiful hair.

Are you guilty of any bad hair habits? Please let me know and let’s ditch those bad hair habits together!

Have a wonderful day! xx