Hair and Science inspiration – Sophie

I don’t think I even need to introduce you with Sophie that has beautiful IG account @sciencebeaut where she not only shares love for science but also fantastic fashion tips. I met Sophie nearly a year ago and honestly she became a really good friend that understands scientific problems but is also a great company to laugh and cry. I am delighted that she is sharing her hair story with us!

Describe your research/what do you do?

My PhD research has been looking at developing a potential drug for osteoporosis and I handed my thesis last week (Massive Congrats and Applause to Sophie) ! After my PhD I will be starting my dream job as a Medical writer, where I’ll get to write about cutting edge science but without being in the lab. Hello high heels!

What is your hair type and what do you love most about hair?

My hair is naturally SUPER curly (think lion!) and very dry. The thing I like most about my hair is the colour because my hairdresser always does an amazing job in getting it exactly how I want it!

What is your current haircare routine?

I wash my hair every other day (sometimes a bit less than that whilst I’ve been writing my thesis!). I style it with hair straighteners every day, because otherwise I look an absolute frizzy mess.

What is your favourite/most common hairstyle you tend to have during crazy lab days?

As a trained ballroom dancer I can do a neat bun with a donut or a slicked-back, low ponytail in about 30 seconds flat. They look neat even though they’re quick and if I use a shine spray to slick back then you can’t tell how greasy it really is 😉

Your top tip for good haircare?

As a curly girl I can’t live without a super-moisturising conditioner, especially as I torture it with heat every day!

The most crazy hair fact/myth you have heard?

I used to get told off as a child for not eating the crusts on my bread; people always told me that I had to eat them otherwise I wouldn’t get curly hair, but I already had curly hair which I didn’t want so I avoided bread crusts like the plague! (My answer: This is probably the most fun hair fact I have ever heard but I think me and Sophie can now agree that this is just a pure myth!)

What are your overall thoughts about hair?

A lot of the time my hair and I do not get on, and I spend a lot of time admiring people with silky straight hair (we always want what we haven’t got, right??). Recently we’ve been getting along though- I’m loving the colour on my hair right now and I’m realising that my hair looks better when I do ‘messy curls’ and texture, because I’m never going to have super-shiny, straight hair anyway!

Thank you so much Sophie for your great tips and sharing hair story!

Check Sophies blog:

Instagram: @sciencebeaut

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