Hair products – worth the hype?

We all buy beauty products and some of them just don’t work for us, but we still keep them in our cabinets. I noticed a while ago that I have some hair products that I used few times and then they were pushed away by other favourite products. By no means these products are bad, but they just did not work that well for my hair.

First one is Pantene Pro-V volume shampoo. This one is one of the most  popular shampoos in the beauty market and you can get it everywhere. I like to use products that can add a bit more volume to my hair and I thought why not?! The main ingredient here for volume is Panthenol, vitamin B5 derivative that can add moisture and expand hair diameter. However, this product is also rich in sulphates. What I did not like is frizz that I got after washing my hair and  my scalp got more oily. I know for fact that this shampoo works very well for a lot of people, but for me this is not something I would buy again.


Another is Redken full effect mousse. Overall, I am a big fan of Redken products, especially Pillow Proof dry shampoo, my most favourite. Unfortunately, styling mousse was something that did not work well for my hair. Even though I tried to use different amounts of this styling mousse my wet and dry hair felt very sticky.  I did not like the feeling of my hair roots after styling. I am not sure what is the reason behind but we just did not get along well. However, this product is very common is hair salons and it does work well for others. Also, I am slightly useless at styling my hair so maybe that’s the problem?

When it comes to haircare and skincare it is difficult to find products that works for every single person as we are all very different. Even though these product did not make into my most favourite list, for someone they might be a real hair treat.

Have you tried these products before? Any hair products you used and did not get along? Let’s share!

  • I’ve been using the Pantene Volume and Body and I love it, it works for me and gives me great smelling hair and perfect volume haha!


      Glad you found something that works for you welL! It just shows that everyones hair is so different:) Thanks for stopping by! xx

  • I’m usually a fan of Redken so it’s a shame the mouuse didn’t work well for you!


      I really like Redken few products that are my ultimate favourite are from this line so I was a bit sad this one did not work! Hunt for perfect mousse is still on! xx

  • Katya Willems

    I need to pay more attention to the hair products I use. I’m a cheap skate and I buy the cheapest! I need to cough up and improve the quality of my hair. I need to take your approach of trying different products and see how I get on.


      Hair products dont have to be expensive just look for something with hydrolysed proteins and good oils that will add strength and moisture to your hair xx

  • My hair is quite dry and brittle (been through a lot as you can tell!) and I’ve tried a lot of different ‘moisturising’ shampoos but all of them would actually make my scalp oily and roots greasy. Basically the same goes for heat protectors- no matter which spray and how little I use my hair will always be painfully flat and greasy afterwards :/ Lately I’ve started using kids shampoos as they tend to be more gentle than regular ones, invested a bit in a good conditioner, Olaplex and I also make sure to treat my hair with heated organic coconut oil at least once a weak and guess what? It does makes a huge difference!

    Lots of love,
    Mal x


      You know kids shampoo’s sometimes do surprise me! Maybe try to avoid shampoos with Sulfates and look for something with hydrolysed protein to add more strength! I really like Sukin brand it is vegan and great xxx