Hair and Science inspiration – Paige

Another Friday another hair and science inspiration

This Friday I have a pleasure to introduce you with Paige that is an expert in product ingredients and has very beautiful hair! I met Paige via social media and we hit along very well due to love for science and hair. Always a pleasure to meet someone with similar mind and I am very grateful that Paige agreed to share her hair story with us.

Describe your research/what do you do?

I’m an undergraduate research assistant at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in a materials science laboratory. Luckily, even though I’m an undergrad I’m not a lab rat and I actually have a mini part of the project! Using UV-Vis spectroscopy I measure the absorption of metal and Spiropyran (a photochromic dye) complexes. Ultimately, I am using this data to determine the binding stoichiometry of the system, which we are using to create a spiropyran functionalized polymer. Additionally, I intern for the website and podcast, The Beauty Brains where I complete anti-aging ingredient research.

What is your hair type and what do you love most about your hair?

My hair is medium thickness and I have a good amount of it. It is relatively straight with lots of little curly cowlicks in the front. I definitely love my hair coloring the most though. I’ve never dyed it and don’t plan on doing so anytime soon. From the time I was born till about 7 years old I had very red hair and eventually it shifted to a blonde. I’d classify it now as strawberry blonde colored hair and I’m obsessed with the color, it gets more red during colder months and super blonde during the summer.


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What is your favourite/most common hairstyle you tend to have during crazy lab days?

Depending on my laziness level I wash my hair every two to three days. I also recently got face-framing bangs so I was forced into learning how to style my hair. I blow dry the front ⅓ of my hair to take care of my bangs and cowlicks, and let the rest air dry before going to bed. During the summer I’ll throw in a little salt spray for texture, otherwise I stick to my normal products. A lot of times I’ll coordinate my hair washing day so that I hit the third day on a Friday or Saturday so I can just curl it instead of having to wash it, and then I’m good for a night out!

Your top tip for good haircare?

Less is more – but not at first. After washing my hair I go through the process of adding a slew of products, blow-drying and styling. The following days I’ll brush it in the morning, add dry shampoo when necessary and keep my hands off of it. After years of having my mom nag me about playing with my hair I’ve finally accepted that touching my hair less does in fact make it look nicer until my next wash.

The most crazy hair fact/myth you have heard?

The idea of using apple cider vinegar for a shampoo substitute never made any sense to me. Chemically speaking there is nothing in vinegar that can help wash all the dirt and oils out of your hair. Just because vinegar can help clean your counters and be used in a clay mask mixture doesn’t mean it’s good for your tresses (My response: I agree that washing with apple cider vinegar cannot help you to wash your scalp. I tried myself to make ACV hair tonic and it was OK, I believe it can help to balance pH of the hair as our hair shaft is very acidic and sometimes product buildup can increase pH. However, I prefer cosmetic products more and I believe I will be using ACV for salad dressings and gut remedy)

What are your overall thoughts about hair?

The more I learn about hair the more I’m learning to love it (especially with the science behind it). While I do often times find it frustrating, it’s a cool trait that everyone has that separates us from one another. No one has the same hair color, texture or amount which makes it’s a unique identifier. My philosophy on hair falls within my philosophy for all things beauty; putting effort into your appearance is the easiest and my favorite way to put your best self forward. A good hair day can give you the confidence to do so much with your life.

Thank you so much Paige for sharing your hair story and routine!

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