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Another Friday and another science/technology inspiration 

I have a little confession to make – I am useless at technology. Even though I am  big fan of social media and all pretty high tech tools, my knowledge is very minimum. However, all the issues related with technology can be solved thanks to Gillian. Let me introduce you with Tech in Heels created by Gillian, it is a fantastic website and social media account that not only shares all the news related with technology but is also very pretty to look at. I am very glad that Gillian agreed to share with us her hair story! Over to Gillian…

What is your hair type and what do you love most about your hair?

I would say, I’m a type 1B. I have straight, Euro/Asian hair. I love how my hair is really soft and the fact that it’s strong and thick.

What is your current hair care routine  (you can include how many times per week you wash your hair/style your hair)?

I wash my hair 4-5 times per week, and I use Matrix Biolage color protection shampoo and conditioner. I also use Matrix Sugar Scrub once a week to make my hair shine extra. I don’t style my hair a lot, so I usually just air dry it.

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What is your favourite/most common hair style you tend to have during crazy days in the lab?

When spending time on my laptop, I usually wear it in a ponytail, I hate to admit it! Or a loose bun. I don’t wear it too tight, and I usually wear an Invisibobble.

Your top tip for good hair care?

Masks! I use a mask once a week. I also ask my hairstylist to analyze the condition of my hair and recommend me products that fit the state of my hair. Eating healthy and not washing too often also help with the quality of my hair.

The most crazy hair myth/fact you have heard?

Since I color my hair a lot, I will go for the myth that coloring your hair is bad for you. However, I do have to mention that I never color my hair myself, and that I never remove color from my hair, rather, I add color. So no bleaching for me! I have been going to the same hair stylist for more than 8 years, and he does a fabulous job. He also uses professional products. After my hair has been colored, it always feels really nurished and “fresh”. (My answer: certainly hair colouring is not bad for the hair as long it is done professionally and with good products. It seems that Gillian knows very well how to treat her hair in a best way!)

What are your overall thoughts about hair?

My great grandmother always used to say: “as long as your hair looks good.” And I feel that way, too. To me, having good hair means being confident and feminine. I don’t need long hair to feel feminine. I’ve had really short hairstyles, and loved that! I’m very happy with my genes and I treasure the quality of my hair.


Thank you so much Gillian for talking about hair and  great hair tips!

Make sure you check out her website for some tech  knowledge and of course her absolutely gorgeous Instagram account!


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