Hair and money – how much we need to invest into our haircare?

My personal haircare routine requires some time and money.  These days market is full of hair goodies and the visit to the hair dressers can certainly break PhD budget. However, none of us want to wash our hair and feel like it is covered in plastic or leave hairdressers salon in tears. When it comes to our hair, how much we actually  need to invest?

Shampoo – certainly requires Time and Money. Over the last couple of years I tried variety of different shampoos, from very cheap (that are around three pounds) to pretty expensive (maybe twenty pounds). If you found a shampoo that works very well for you and makes your scalp feel great and healthy, keep using. With shampoo there is no right or wrong as it is very personal, but make sure you invest time and probably a bit of money to find the right one.

Conditioner – not going to lie that all the conditioners I truly fall in love are slightly more expensive. For me conditioner has to be rich in oils and hydrolysed protein. Hair conditioners are great in preventing dryness, split ends, loss of shine and my advice is to invest into really good hair conditioner, because it can also be used as a hair mask.

Hair masks – personally I am not a big fan. If you ask my advice I would suggest to use a good hair conditioner and maybe just simple coconut oil on your hair. I own a few hair masks and the bottles are still pretty full. Again, it is a personal choice but I don’t tend to invest into hair masks.

Hair oils & heat protection – I use both of these products and both of them are very affordable. When it comes to oils, expensive doesn’t mean better. Look at the ingredients lists and make sure it is full of variety and goodness. Heat protection is a must , especially if you styling your hair a lot, but again there are plenty affordable ones that do great job.

Hairdressers – invest! Going to hairdressers such a pleasure for me, but only in the last couple of years. I had some really bad experience in the past (horrible fringe times). Make sure you ‘investigate’ hair salon and a hairdresser , read reviews, chat with friends. Even if the hair salon is too expensive for you, look for some deals online, student discount or even last minute bookings. My personal favourite in Manchester, Pierre Alexandre Hair, they do last minute bookings, which is cheaper and pretty convenient if you fancy a spontaneous hair change.



For me hair gives confidence and I like to invest into specific hair products. What are your favourite hair products and do you like investing into your haircare? Please let me know!


Have a wonderful day xx

  • I’ve always been drawn to more expensive conditioners too. I always find hair masks a bit heavy for my fine hair so stick to conditioner as well 🙂 I’m always happy to spend money on a decent hair dressers!

  • Old Fashioned Susie

    I really rate coconut oil as a cheap conditioner, But you cant beat and in-salon treatment

  • I don’t see much point in traditional hair masks, but I try to use coconut oil regularly. Also, with every salon visit I get the Olaplex. Here in London going to the salon is crazy expensive- my usual appointment (colour, trim + blowdry) costs over 300 quid which I can’t even afford every 4 weeks (when my roots are grown), let alone spending that much on something you need to do over and over again truly freaks me out! Like you suggested though, looking for some discount is a great idea and in my regular salon they give you an option to have an appointment with a trainee hairdresser which costs only 20 quid for the colour! Ok, I don’t get a professional blowdry but the colour is just as good and the price difference- insane! There are always some options out there if you want to take care of your hair properly Xx


      Come to Manchester, I will take for you a great haircut in my fav salon for 31 pounds – more reasons to visit North! xx

  • The Sunday Mode

    Found this post really informative and honestly you know so much about hair, I wish you lived near me so I could just make you come to my house and fix my haircare routine and tell me what needs changing, haha. Actually, if you had to pick- what’s your all time favourite conditioner? I’m looking to invest!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


      Hi dear sorry for such a late response! Who knows maybe one day I will move to Australia that would be my dream! Actually, really good hair conditioner and one of my fav brands is Sukin, it is australian brand. They have this protein conditioner , which is absolutely amazing! xx

    • So sorry I thought I have replied and apparently I didn’t (blaming PhD). To be honest, I would suggest Sukin it is Australian brand and it is fantastic!!! Especially protein conditioner works absolutely well x

  • Great post! I like to invest in going to a professional to cut or dye my hair, and I also find myself spending more money on conditioners and shampoos, though right now I’m using a pretty affordable shampoo.. 🙂 I used to love hair masks and did one every week, but actually lately I’ve been skipping that, oops. Guess that’s not that important after all.

    x Charlotta |

    • Thank you lovely!! To be honest using good hair conditioner can really improve your hair health without using hair masks!:)xx