Hair and science inspiration – Dr.ofWhat

It has been a while since I wrote another science and hair inspiration. Apologies for that, but life has been slightly crazy and unfortunately blogging has not been at the top of my list. However, it is about time I share Dr.ofWhat – Brin hair story as she is one of my most favourite people on Instagram (you have to follow her). She is very down to earth and her posts always reflect a true reality of PhD life , which I love.

Over to Dr.ofWhat….

Describe your research/what do you do (in 2-3 sentences)

I am a second year PhD student researching in the field of conservation psychology. I focus on marine ecotourism and in particular shark conservation.

What is your hair type and what do you love most about your hair?

My hair is thick, and reasonably short (although it grows really quickly). Due to me colouring it often (I try to have it pink as often as possible) it gets super dry. I am also at the beach almost weekly so it is often very tangled and salty. I love that my hair is thick enough to make a full pony tail and high bun!

What is your current hair care routine ?

Disclaimer: I am a lazy hair person. I wash my hair about 3 times a week and let it dry naturally (I often go to work with wet hair!). I also often braid my hair to sleep in so that I can just take it out and be ready to go in the morning. I do use heat protection products whenever I dry/straighten my hair, and also put some products in regularly.

What is your favourite/most common hair style you tend to have during busy days in the lab?

A high bun is my style 85% of the time. I feel like I have my ‘stuff’ together when my hair is up, I am ready to take on the world (well more accurately my PhD).

Your top tip for good hair care?

Invest in good quality shampoo and conditioner.

The most crazy hair myth/fact you have heard?

That to get vibrant, long lasting hair colour, the product needs to be test on animals. The hair colour that I used is organic and seriously great! (My response: that is certainly a myth as hair colourants don’t have to be tested on animals in order to see how effective they are!)

What are your overall thoughts about hair?

I think that hair is an amazing expression of ourselves. My hairstyles most definitely change with mood- High bun= research mode, high ponytail= #girlboss mode, curly= let hair down mode.

Also after being brunette for 22 years (minus some highlights), I realised that life is too short for me to have ‘boring hair’*, so I went pink and I love that it is a way for me to feel a little different and extra creative.

*Brunette was only boring for me after having it for so long, I am not at all suggesting that brunettes are boring!

Thank you so much Brin for sharing with us your hair story and all the tips and tricks!

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