Hair pain – can your hair actually hurt?

Hello beautiful person!

It has been a while (again) since I wrote a blog post but all this PhD thesis life is certainly taking a lot of my time and energy. Anyway,  let’s talk about something interesting – hair pain. Is it even a thing?! Can your hair actually hurt

In the last few years, more and more people (including me) started using dry shampoo and hair styling products. Actually, dry shampoo became such a must for me that I nearly used it every single day. Since I have been blogging I have always been a strong advocate that we should not wash our hair every single day as it does induce hair shaft swelling and breakage. However, now I am also strong advocate we should ditch or at least reduce dry shampoo usage.

Not washing your hair for a prolonged time and just using dry shampoo makes yeast living on scalp very active. As a consequence, scalp becomes very dry, itchy, oils build up and our hair starts feeling heavy. Have you ever had a feeling your hair is heavy? Or you just really need to wash your hair? This is usually because of product and oil build up on our scalps. 

What should you do?

Ditch dry shampoo or at least use it maybe once a week. However, if you suffer from very oily hair try to train your hair and wash it every other day instead of using dry shampoo. Also, there are so many great hairstyles that are great for second or third-day hair, much better for our scalps then dry shampoo!

I am not saying everyone is suffering from this. Personally, I am not using dry shampoo anymore as my scalps react badly to it and my hair does hurt. Everyone is different and everyone has different hair, but this is something worth keeping in mind!

Do you tend to wash your hair often or you prefer dry shampoo? Did you notice that your hair sometimes hurt? Please share your experience with me!

Have a wonderful day! 

  • My hair is super dry so I don’t need to wash it a lot but my scalp does actually hurt sometimes too! So weird!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris


      Have you tried using some hair oils on your ends or some protein rich products they can actually prevent dry hair and restore the moisture! xx

  • Melissa X

    Your hair is amazing!! So jel!! xxx


      Thank you lovely! xx

  • thelittleblondie
  • Briet Steinthorsdottir Bilton

    I want your hair, its stunning!! xx