Treatment for damaged hair – what to use?

In my previous post I shared with you what is damaged hair and how does it happen. This time I want to help you to find the best treatment for your hair, which is deep conditioning.

As I said damaged hair is porous hair and this means negatively charged hair. In order to heal your hair deep conditioning is one of the best solutions. In this case, you might need to consider hair masks as a treatment that is rich in positively charged ingredients. 

What are these positive charges? Conditioning ingredients are positively charged, damage hair is negatively charged. Opposites attract each other, right? At least in hair situation it certainly does.

Positively charged ingredients settle well on damaged hair as they are attracted by that negative charge.This allows to seal the cuticle, increase softness, add flexibility and restore overall hair health. 

These ingredients, such as hydrolysed protein, specific polyquarteniums, humectants and certain quartenary ammonium salts (I know too many names) are great for restoring hair health as they settle and get into hair very well. If the product also has oils it is an extra bonus. The main one is Cetearyl alcohol, which you can find in a lot of product, but any additional oils will do more good to our hair.

How to do deep treatment conditioning? Get yourself a good product and apply it on wet hair after washing. Make sure you gently press the water out of your hair. Next, section your hair, depending on the length, to make sure that the product is well applied. Now the time very much depends on the product and how badly your hair is damaged. Some hair masks can be 5 minutes other 30 minutes, that’s when you should see how your hair reacts and what is best. 

However, if your hair is healthy (bravo you!) you should stay away from deep conditioning as it might weighted hair down. When hair is healthy it does not need that extra help, so the products just sit on the hair. Washing and using good conditioner is more than enough to maintain healthy hair. 

Thanks to the internet I research some hair masks that common in the market and looked at all ingredients. I found several that contains good amounts of cationic agents and are from different brands, so everyone can find something they might like.

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Whatever deep conditioning or treatment you decide to do for your hair always remember it might not work from the first time. Hair can be “stubborn” so you need sometimes play around and see what actually works for you. Also, deep conditioning is great for repairs, but in order to avoid damaged hair, you need to have good hair habits. 


I hope this gave you more understanding how to look after damaged hair. Let me know if you have any other tips for damaged hair!



P.S in case you still looking for that perfect hair mask look for ingredients that are rich in hydrolysed protein, polyquartenium-4-10-44-55, Quartenium-87, Behentrimonium methosulfate, Behentrimonium chloride, Diacetyldimonium chloride,Cetrimonium Bromide, Cetrimonium Chloride, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, sodium PCA.