Panthenol – what should you know

One of my missions on this blog is to share with you what is inside our hair products. Personally, reviewing hair products according to their ingredients is really fun for me. However, it does not mean I know everything as I am learning along this journey as well (and who knows everything?!). Anyway, this time instead of talking about product I  want to talk about one specific ingredient that is commonly found in haircare – panthenol.

 It is a provitamin B5 , which is an effective humectant. It means panthenol can add and maintain moisture. Also, it does  spread evenly on the surface of the hair that forms a smooth film around the cuticle. Formation of such a film reflects light very well, which means it does give shine and gloss to the hair. Another benefit of this smooth film, is that hair can slip well and not tangle. It  has been shown that putting hair strand into panthenol can expand hair diameter by 10%! Therefore, it is great for increasing hair volume and giving more “life” to thin hair.

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How your hair benefit from panthenol? It is great ingredient if you hair is dry, lacks healthy shine and is thin.

Can it damage hair? Very unlikely and in general it is very difficult to select, which particular ingredient in the haircare does not work for your hair. Regarding product buildup, there is not enough evidence showing that this ingredient can buildup on our hair, because it is well soluble ingredient.

Personally, I like panthenol in conditioner or heat protection sprays, for extra volume and moisture. I selected a few shampoos, conditioner and sprays that have this great ingredient. 

Have you heard about panthenol before? What are your thoughts?

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  • I find it so interesting to hear about the ingredients in products we use and which are good and which aren’t so good x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

    • Ah glad to hear you finding this interesting! I am very passionate about sharing everything about haircare so everyone can pick up the bottle, look at the ingredients be like ‘yup I know what this can do to my hair’ xx


    ohhh i usually use organic haircare but might look out for this!

    • It is a very common ingredient, which I am sure you can find in organic haircare too 🙂 xx

  • I didn’t really know what it was for so thanks for sharing that snippet of information! I had a look at my shelf and a lot of my products contain it – I owe my shiny hair to it obviously! 🙂

    • Yayyyy , glad you found something useful! I think it is good to know a bit more about ingredients that are in our haircare 🙂

  • This post was so helpful! Thanks for sharing that info. Loving your blog! 🙂

  • Mariann Yip

    I am always looking for new haircare! I’ll definitely check this out!