Hairwonderfulday – what to expect

This is it my PhD is officially done. Four years of hair follicles, self-believe, self-doubt, joy and tears and I finally reached the end. What a crazy journey it has been! Four years ago I had no clue what hair follicle is or what is the structure of the hair. Right now, my days go around hair hair hair and I LOVE IT!

Anyway, 257 pages have been written, I am not a student anymore and the question “what’s next” comes along. My plan for now is to take some time off. I am going to Japan at the end of October to present my work at World Hair Congress (the excitement is over the moon). After that I need to defend my thesis to officially become Dr. Overall, few months ahead are pretty busy yet relaxing.


For my career, I am really passionate about working in cosmetic industry. I love glamour, beautiful packing, beautiful products and I want to be involved in developing those products. Therefore, the next few months will be focused on reaching that goal. In the meantime, I will try my best to grow HairWonderfulDay into a website that completely focuses on the hair health. Since I started my blog, which was over a year ago, I never actually got into it. However, the last 3-6 months have been a game changer. I have so many visions, plans, articles, products I want to discuss with YOU. Right now it is the best time for me to do that. 


At HairWonderfulDay you can expect:

Genuine product review , which means analysing ingredients and explaining why it is good or not that good (here comes my scientific side)

Tips and tricks how to have healthy hair (according to the science)

Specific ingredients that are found in haircare products and what they actually do


Don’t worry, I won’t fill this space with random names, statistical data or scientific chat. I want this to be a beautiful place that you can actually enjoy reading and learn something.

Finally, my mission is to help YOU to find the right products, to teach you more about haircare and actually more about your OWN HAIR. 

I am excited about upcoming months and I hope you are excited too. 

Have a Wonderful Hair Day xx