Healthy hair rules you need to use now

There are certain everyday beauty rules I use. For example, moisturising after shower is a must. Washing my faces before bed is a must. Getting a good manicure is not a must but it feels very good.

When it comes to my hair I also have special everyday rules that I collected over the years. Good routine, good products and your hair is beautiful, strong and shiny.

My number one rule is be gentle when washing your hair. Actually, hair damage starts during hair wash because a lot of us rub our hair into each other. Instead, gently massage your scalp and apply conditioner on your hair. Rubbing hair fibers into each induces hair friction , which means hair damage and split ends. Best rule ever – be gentle to your hair!

Number two is mix your hair products. Long time ago I ditched the “rule” that you have to have the same brand shampoo and conditioner. I believe mixing different products is really good as all of them different ingredients that our hair can benefit from. For example, I like shampoo with few ingredients that are gentle for my scalp. For my conditioner, I like a bit longer list of oils, hydrolysed proteins, humectants and more. Mixing is fun!

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Number three  is to use hair oils. My mother “injected” this rule to me when I was a young teenager, she always said oils are the key to the beauty. Anyway, I use hair oil every single time I wash my hair, a few big drops. Also, oils are very versatile and you can use them as a little hair treatment. Maybe once a week I will apply the same oil to my hair and leave for approximately 10-15 minutes before washing. Oils are great to add protection coat on our hair and maintain the moisture, which means hair is elastic, healthy and shiny. Say yes to oils in your beauty rules! 


The fun thing about hair – you can be your own scientist. Everyday you can play with different products, hair styles to find out what works for YOUR hair.

What everyday hair rules you use? How do you help your hair everyday? Let’s share!

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  • I never understood using oil until I grew a beard. Now I don’t know what I’d do without it!

    Matt | It’s Matt Thompson

    • It just shows that oils are incredible versatile and can be used for everything! xx

  • Carl Baker

    I’m the as Matt, I use oil on my beard and it helps loads.

    Great post

    Carl B

  • Hannah Briggs

    Yesss ghd advanced split end therapy is brilliant! xx

    Hannah |

  • All those tips make so much sense! I got my haircut recently at some chain salon and the scary thing was that while washing my hair the assistant was pulling it all so sharply that I was in physical pain as well as mental one, imagining my not so strong hair to fall out even more! I mean, how can they call themselves professionals?! Xxx

    • Oh this makes me angry!! Hair wash is supposed to be gentle and relaxing process!! Show me that hairdresser I will speak with him!! xx

  • Thanks for the useful advice!


  • seriously need to get my hair sorted soon.
    kisses from the sandpit ❤︎