EO nourishing hair conditioner

Good hair conditioner is like perfect lipstick. For me lipstick gives more confidence, whilst good hair conditioner makes my hair feel soft, nourished and adds that “Hair confidence”. 

Let me introduce you with EO coconut and lavender hair conditioner. 

Personally, I am sensitive to strong hair products smell but this one smells just divine. Coconut and lavender mix is absolutely beautiful and certainly makes hair washing relaxing and tropical. 

However, lets go back to the science and hair ingredients. The first ingredient, after the water, is organic cocos nucifera coconut oil, derived from the kernel seeds. As you can imagine it is very conditioning for hair, which means it holds the moisture and makes hair feel soft.

Behentrimonium sulfate is another ingredient from rapeseed oil, which is great for detangling hair. Therefore, this conditioner can work well for someone with easily tangling hair. 

Panthenol, oh pathenol. Probably one of my favourite ingredients that I already discussed before. Panthenol is great for adding more thickness and moisture to our hair. Actually, when I wash my hair with a product with panthenol I can feel it. Hair feels more thick when you spread the product. 


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Another my favourite ingredient is of course hydrolyzed quinoa protein. This is large protein that covers hair cuticle well and restores the damage, therefore works great for damaged hair. In general, this conditioner is rich in moisturising oils, which is big bonus. 

My overall opinion on this EO conditioner is great. Great mixture of hydrating, anti-frizz and thickness ingredients. I am also very pleased with the smell, which is big win for me. I have been using this conditioner together with Label M shampoo and I absolutely loving the feeling and the look of my hair. 

Who I would recommend this EO conditioner? For someone with normal, long ish hair and also for someone with damaged, dry hair. 

Have you tried EO conditioner? Tempted? Let me know!

  • I love the design of the bottle and the scent sounds lovely – I’m not one for strong scents either. I haven’t tried EO myself and to be honest, I have the simplest of hair care routines for my short soft hair! It sounds like something that could be useful for friends though, especially after a windy hike or camping trip.

    • The scent is amazing! I genuinely do not like strong smells but this one is a game changer!:) Glad to hear you have a simple haircare routine thats the best and yes this could be work very well for someone after exciting hiking session:)

  • Love the packaging and labelling! They’ve really done a great job at marketing the products!

    Oliver x

  • Oh, looks like it’s packed with plenty of goodies! I’m slowly running out of my conditioner (the one you’d recommended before! 💝 ) and although I really liked it I also like to try new things so it may be the next one to go for! xx

    • Do you wanna guess where I bought it?;) How do you get along with Sukin, does your hair feel soft and more manageable and elastic?? Keep me updated or DM me if you need any more suggestions! xx

      • Thank you lovely! My hair did feel much much softer at the very beginning but now it’s back to my ‘normal’ hair… which, due to my hypothyroidism is just very difficult to manage, it’s terribly thin (and still thinning which makes me want to cry and I’ve tried sooo many different things and nothing worked) and it is very dry and brittle. From time to time a part of it snaps off (which is why I stopped bleaching it) and it just never grows back so to be honest even thinking of my hair makes me feel miserable. Especially than my aunt also has hypothyroidism and by the age of 50 she was completely bald 🙁 There is no money I wouldn’t spend and effort I wouldn’t take to have nice, healthy hair but after so many trials with different products, supplements and therapies I don’t think there’s something that would actually work 🙁 Unless you have some suggestions love xx

        • Oh honey I am so sorry to hear that 🙁 hypothyroidism is a difficult one and certainly affect hair product (in general hormones are probably the most important internal factors that control hair production). Have you considered biotin tablets? There is no proofed effect it does work but there are some research there and there suggesting it could work for people with hormonal issues. I am going to Japan to World Hair research Congress and I will do my best to explore all research and find something novel that could work for you! I also know that omega 3 tablets are great for women with hormonal issues. Keep strong and we will find solution for you! xxx

          • Darling, your reply has literally made me cry, you’re just the kindest, sweetest, most beautiful person out there and no words can describe how much I appreciate everything you wrote here. You give me hope and this is what I was desperately looking for for years! Just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am certainly going to buy biotin tablets on Saturday and double check omega 3 Xxx

          • Honey please don’t cry because I am sure that mascara on your beautiful eyelashes want to stay there 😉 xxxx
            Trust me, I know what HAIR means for people and for you especially I want to help as much as I can. I promise in a week time I will get back to you with some answers, my boss is dermatologist but he is very good at hormones I am sure he would have some sort of advice as well. With this little issue you have it is coming from inside and sometimes it is more tricky to fix it/find some sort of solution but research is really progressing and we will find something for you!!! xxx

  • Emilie Mckenzie

    Definitely tempted to try the conditioner, especially if it works wonders on dry hair! x