What is a good hair salon?

Finding the right hair salon is probably one of the hardest tasks. Over the years I tried so many of them and in some I had great experience while in others I just wanted to take my money back. For me going to the hair salon is a treat – to get a fresh look, relax and leave more confident with my new hair.

A week ago from this post I visited the hair salon in Manchester Northern Quarter, RCNQ. I really enjoyed my experience and  wrote down a list in my head what is a good hair salon in my opinion.

Hair stylist. Whenever I meet new person and including the hairstylist  the right energy really matters. At RCNQ I got my hair done by the owner Rob. What I absolutely loved was his passion about his work and also learning about the hair follicle. We had a great chat about products, hair biology, styling and all the hair myths. Whenever I tell hair stylist I am hair scientist (obviously when they ask me I don’t go around shouting it) I am pleased when they engage with me and we have discussions. For me it shows how person who works on hair everyday is actually passionate about HAIR. Therefore, good hairstylist not only styles your hair but also gives some useful information or advice.

Products. Every salon has very different products, from Kerastase to Bumble and Bumble to something I never heard about, like New Hair Wash. I do like when hair salon is passionate about the product they use and they understand what it does. What I really liked at RCNQ that every single hairdresser explained their clients how shampoo they are using actually works. Whenever I go to the hair salon I pay a lot of attention whether the hair salon staff knows enough information about the products and what they are actually putting on my scalp.

Friendly environment. I really likes places where I can feel relaxed. Whenever I go to the hair salon it is a treat for me, I want to enjoy my cup of tea, chat with a hairdresser or read a magazine. Therefore, the good environment is the key. At RCNQ I felt comfortable and loved chatting with a few people. Funny enough, I asked one of their staff members Matt (if you need fashion photographer you need to speak with him) to take a photo of my new hair and then we ended up chatting about photography and cameras. Personally, I love places where you can meet great people and just feel like you hanging out with friends. Oh, important fact RCNQ serves a wonderful tea from T2 so extra points for that!

Finding the right hair salon can be difficult, yet it is a fun experience. When I really enjoy my time at the hair salon and leave with the hairstyle I was looking for I feel like a new woman. Confident, beautiful and ready to take my day. That is one of the many reasons why I love hair.


If you in Manchester and looking for a place to get hair done RCNQ is a good choice!

What do you look for at the hair salons? Do you have your favourite hair salon or hairstylist? Let me know!


*P.S RCNQ did not ask me to write a post or review their salon. It’s my  decision and all opinions are my own.