Redken pillow proof dry shampoo – the only one you need

Hello from Osaka, Japan. Last week I attended 10th World Hair Research Congress in Kyoto, where I was able to learn as much as possible about the hair. Great trip, great conference and now it is time for some holiday.

Anyway, with my trip around Japan I realised that washing hair might not be the biggest priority. Therefore, I purchased my old and trusty dry shampoo – Redken pillow proof blow dry. Let me just say, usually I am anti-dry shampoos. They really make my scalp itchy, dry and I do not like synthetic, heavy product build up on my hair. Yet, with Redken pillow proof it is completely different situation.

Firstly, the ingredients list is short and to the point. The main ingredient is aluminum starch octenylsuccinate, which works like a sponge that absorbs oil. Next, diisopropyl adipate makes hair feel more smooth and soft as it also dissolves other ingredients in the product. Therefore, Redken dry shampoo does not feel so heavy on the hair.

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To be honest, I tried dry shampoos from organic natural haircare and from drug stores. Yet, Redken pillow proof remains my most favourite. The combination of these ingredients works well for my hair and most important for my sensitive scalp.

For me the packing also matters a lot. Personally, beautiful products just make my beauty cabinet more exciting and probably more Instagram? Therefore, the pink bottle with silver letters are just class for me.

With my sensitive scalp I try to use as little as possible of dry shampoo. However, during travelling or just one of those days I use Redken pillow proof around two times a week. Also, it does not have over-powering smells, which is a big bonus for me.

I brought Redken pillow proof dry shampoo all the way to Japan, clearly it is one of my favourite products. Have you tried Redken dry shampoo? Tempted now? Let me know!