Hot hair news from 10th World Congress for Hair Research

One of the best highlights of my PhD in hair biology was a trip to Japan. Last week I attended 10th World Congress for Hair Research. Yes, a congress for hair where for three days everyone was just talking about hair and hair follicle.

The first hair congress I went to was in Miami, two years ago. Now I am in Japan and couldn’t be happier. The conference itself focuses a lot on the hair follicle and specific pathways that control hair growth and health. However, with YOU I would like to share a few practical hair news.

One of my most favourite topics was sunscreen induced hair loss (yes you heard my right!). Apparently, application of heavy suncreen around our hair line can induce hair thinning. Ladies, the sebum production on our scalp declines after 30 years old, which means our scalp cannot “wash” chemicals that easily. Therefore, the product buildup on skin hairline can really affect hair growth. First, I was sceptical about this. However, once ladies who experience strong hair thinning stop using suncreen around hairline hair starts growing back. Pretty interesting, right?!

Next, hair conditioning. I already covered topic about hair damage and what to do. Yet, I was happy when I heard that deep conditioning on healthy hair makes hair more heavy. Therefore, if you have healthy hair you should stay away from deep conditioning masks. Also, if your conditioner is rich in conditioning ingredients, try to use less conditioning shampoo to balance hair wash. Otherwise, hair will feel overweight and less bouncy.

One of my favourite sessions was scalp health and dandruffs. Not that long ago I covered key ingredients in the hair products for removing dandruffs. However, the best way to look after your scalp is keep rotating hair products with different anti-dandruffs ingredients. That way your scalp pH and yeast activity is well balanced.


However, the most important tip and trick for the healthy hair is less stress. We are constantly rushing, working, trying to take control of the world but don’t forget we need to stop time to time. Stress has a huge role in hair loss and overall health, so promise yourself to take some time off, smile and your hair will thank you.


Do you have any top tips for healthy hair that? Did you hear something new about hair? Please let me know!