The power of your smile – hair health

How many times per day do you smile ? Probably depends on a day itself ? For me smiling is associated with good news, emotions and laughing. Whenever I see someone smiling I suddenly feel more calm and happier. However, with crazy life and constantly trying to take control of the world, we tend to worry more and smile less. Yet, smiling can actually really affect our hair health.

Some science: our hair follicle is the HQ for healthy, long hair growth. Hair follicle itself is surrounded by blood vessels and nerves. This means, whenever we are stressed, our bodies react by releasing specific chemicals, such as neuropeptides. These “bad boys” have a big power and can affect hair follicle in a negative way. Increased stressed levels can be associated with shorter hair follicle cycling, which means hair stops growing. You can use all the best products in the world, but the entire power of  the healthy hair is within the hair follicle.

Of course, setting a timer and promising yourself smile won’t do much. The power of doing things and being surrounded by the right environment can really help us to smile  more naturally.

While I was in Japan last week I realised how happy I felt during travelling. Sunshine, new places, culture made me smile constantly. Therefore, I promised myself to do more of these:

Be in nature more. Living in Manchester city centre does not give much of a nature luxury, yet I still want to try spend more time outdoors. Literally, walking in the nature, with my phone off is the best meditation for my mind and certainly helps me smile more.

Love myself. This one is tricky, for me specifically. When was the last time you said to yourself you are beautiful? Or you doing great and everything will be fine? Personally, I tend to say myself more negative things, instead of positive. Yet, constantly encouraging myself, complimenting, puts a smile on my face (even though this might sound very narcissistic).

Do what I love. Not going to lie since I submitted my PhD thesis I felt more alive. Of course, the last couple of months I was living in my sweat pants and attached to the computer, which means no fun. However, right now I feel happy as I can concentrate on things I was always passionate. I genuinely believe all of us should find a hobby, activity or a dream job to spend more time doing something we are truly inlove. Love what you do and smile won’t fade from your face.

So here you go, smile more and don’t let your body to release those bad neuropeptides that don’t make your hair follicle happy. 
When was the last time you smiled? Did you notice that being in good mood and less stressed affects your hair? What makes you smile? Please let me know! 



  • Gigi King

    I am smiling as I am reading the post! 😊

  • Old Fashioned Susie

    I’d no idea about this connection! So interesting!

  • These are such lovely tips and your whole post made me smile! I always do what I love and take some time for myself to make myself smile!


  • Thank you for a beautiful reminder! I only lately realised I’d completely switched to the tracksuit bottoms/glued to laptop mode so I’m trying to get out as much as possible and that definitely makes me happier and more productive! Xxx

    • Anytime darling and whatever makes you happy makes me happy too! xx