Hair products from Japan

If you follow me on Instagram you are probably aware I went to Japan. The main reason for this trip was to attend 10th World Hair Congress. The conference itself was great and I also managed to take some time to do travelling around Japan.

Before even I went to Japan I done some research about beauty products and what to get. Trust me, Japan does know beauty products very well. I do wish I bought more, but the issue I had was the suitcase weight and I did not want it to explode (although that was pretty close).

Anyway, at the first day of the conference, Shiseido, well known Japanese brand provided some goodie bags. The main product in the goodie bag was Shiseido The Hair Care Adenovital Advance Scalp Essence. This scalp spray contains adenosine, which is the key ingredient that reaches the hair follicle (dermal papilla) to activate hair growth. In addition, it also has AP stimulator from apricot, which controls healthy scalp environment. Overall, Shiseido Scalp Essence spray supposed to help with hair growth and prevent thinning.

Does it work? According to the data that Shisheido presented yes it does. From my personal experience I only used it a few times and did not notice a huge difference. However, with these sort of products the effect comes with the time so I will update you on that.

Next I was very intrigued about Japanese number one seller 100% Camellia oil, which is pure without any additional ingredients. Personally, I like mix of oils for my hair but I was very impressed with the health of Japanese ladies hair so I got the famous oil. Camellia oil is a light and is great for adding moisture and shine to the hair. A few drops are more then enough for my hair. Also, camilla oil is known as anti-inflammatory and is great for dry skin patches or those dandruff areas around hairline.

Tip: my nail cuticles been getting very sensitive and dry. I applied few drops of Camellia oil on my nails and oh my what a difference! Try it if you getting very sensitive nails and cuticles.

During travelling around Japan I got very inspired by culture and fashion. Therefore, I got a few things that are slightly out of my comfort zone or I never been into – hair accessories! During casual days I tend to wear my hair in a ponytail but my hair bands are super casual. For some reason I got obsessed with hair bands in Japan and got a few. Very excited to upgrade my simple hair look!

Overall, Japanese hair products are literally goals for my beauty cabinet. Have you been in Japan? Tempted to go? Let me know !