How to get rid of frizzy hair – 5 simple ways

How many times you had that thought “Why my hair is so frizzy?” and just couldn’t figure out what is going on with your hair.  Frizzy hair is probably one of the most common and unwanted hair problems. However, I have some science facts and key tips that can really help you control and protect your hair from getting frizzy.

What is frizzy hair?

It is associate with lifted cuticle (outer layer of the hair fiber), which means hair is loosing hydration and moisture. Dehydrated hair can also be porous hair, which means hair is breathing out all the moisture essential to maintain hair smooth and shiny.

Why frizzy hair happens?

  • Constantly using high temperature styling tools or blowdrying. Hot air takes out the moisture from the hair leaving it dry and frizzy. Also, hot and humid climates can also make hair more frizzy
  • Rubbing wet hair into towel. Such a bad habit as it induces friction and makes hair cuticle lift up, which again leads to the frizzy hair
  • Bleaching or constantly dying hair and not using moisturising or restoring products

How to stop frizz?


Oh how much I love oils. I constantly talk about oils on my Instagram and honestly they work wonderful if you want to reduce frizz. The best products for me are the ones that have a mix of oils, which means a lot of moisture and hydration for my hair. Also, whenever I style my hair I am losing some moisture from my hair. Therefore, I like to apply generous amount of oil on my hair for 15-20 minutes before washing hair, which means my hair absorbs all the moisture and is protected against water effect.

Deep conditioning

This only works if you have very porous hair. Personally, I don’t do deep conditioning as my hair is not porous and my hair feels heavy afterwords. Yet, if you bleached your hair a lot or styled, you might have porous hair.  Wondering if you have porous hair and how to treat your hair? Read this post!

Hydrolysed protein

Talking about hydrolysed protein deserves a separate post. However, I have to mention that hydrolysed proteins are one of my most favourite ingredients. You know that proteins are essential for muscles, therefore proteins are essential for healthy and elastic hair. Also, the other day I had pretty frizzy hair because I slept with my hair wet. I applied my favourite Nexxus serum on my hair and whoaalia goodbye frizz!


With all the hit and miss about silicones, they are not bad. Actually, silicones are great to coat our hair and seal the cuticle, which means reduced frizz. Also, silicones are good in protecting hair colour fading if you dye your hair a lot.

Washing hair well 

Sorry if you heard this three million times from me but washing your hair right really matters. Be gentle when you apply shampoo and condtioner, don’t rub hair fibers into each other. Same comes to the towel drying. Washing and drying your hair has to be a gentle process.

Personally, my most favourite way to protect my hair form frizz is to use oils as hydration and moisture is the key for my hair.

How do you fight frizzy hair? Any secret tips? Please let me know!