Hair inspiration – Monday news #2

While I am writing this I am drinking my coffee from a new Nespresso coffee machine (oh I love Black Friday!) and trying to connect with my inner inspiration. It feels cozy, it is still light outside and I feel like some sunshine is coming. Perfect timing to collect some great hair articles and share my dream hair products with You.

Favourite Hair Post


The Beginner’s Guide To Fine Haircare

No surprise that I am a huge fan of INTOTHEGLOSS. Of course, I am following them on social media and on Bloglovin (leave me your Bloglovin links below I am so keen to create a collection of great blogs!). Anyway, I think this is a great post for those who have fine hair and a bit struggling to maintain it right. As always, you can come to me for hair health, science questions but when it comes to styling I need some help and inspiration myself! Enjoy!



The 3 Things You Should Never Do To Your Eyebrows According To Anastasia Beverly Hills

Why am I even talking about eyebrows? Well, let me tell you that eyebrows also have a hair follicle. Did you know you can also have eyebrow transplantation (usually for those who have no eyebrows or have some sort of accident) from your scalp hair?! Yes, you heard me right! So eyebrows do deserve some science love but also it is such a hot topic for everyone. Personally, any advice associated with eyebrows is very appreciated. Enjoy!


Favourite Hair Video 

Found this video very randomly while was looking for something to watch on YouTube. After watching it I was actually smiling because I do have long hair and I am very dreamy, always wanted long term relationship and I am stubborn when it comes to achieving my dreams or goals. What hairstyle do you have and is it describes you well?

Hair products wishlist

It is probably not that new but Balmain that is well known for luxury blazers also has a hairline products. First, I was skeptical, is it actually good or the name makes it good? Yet, I was very pleased that on their website every product had all the ingredients, which sometimes is tricky to find if you not buying a product. After reviewing all the products I am impressed! Dear Santa, I have been good, can I have some Balmain under my Xmas tree?!

Shop Balmain 

Personal Favourite

Probably the highlight of my week has been finally getting ghd curling thong. I genuinely wanted ghd styling tool for a while and finally got it (thanks, BlackFriday!).  Also, I got my viva/defense day confirmed, which means in a couple of weeks time, if everything goes according to the plan I will become Dr.Laura. Very exciting as it will be a great way to finish 2017 and officially start a new chapter in 2018!
Have a wonderful Monday and week!