How to have strong, elastic and shiny hair – hydrolyzed protein

Definitely hydrolyzed protein – whenever someone asks me what is one of my most favorite hair care ingredients. Nearly two years ago I really got into the hydrolyzed proteins and actually understanding their effect on the hair. Personally, I love haircare that has a mix of great ingredients, especially when it includes proteins. Yet, some people say it does not do much for the hair, whilst I think it does actually help to restore and control hair health.

Quick science behind hydrolyzed proteins

Proteins are very large and in order to make them smaller, they have to be hydrolyzed and cut into short peaces. There are a variety of different hydrolyzed proteins, such as wheat and keratin (the most popular ones), soya, collagen, silk, caviar and several others. They are all different because they have different molecular weight. Therefore, they can perform different functions for our hair.

Why use hydrolyzed proteins?

They can coat the hair and provide protection against heat styling (usually wheat, soya or jojoba). However, they can also get inside the hair and provide more strength and elasticity (silk, keratin, quinoa, caviar). If you are constantly styling your hair, or your hair tangles a lot or your hair is very thin and damaged hydrolyzed protein can really help.

What products to use with proteins?

Whenever I go for products with hydrolyzed proteins I always try to choose a mix. Something that adds protection to my hair but also controls hair strength and elasticity. One of my favorite products is Nexxus serum that is fantastic to use on wet and dry hair. Particularly great if you want to restyle your hair next day but the ends feel dry, this is a great product to use. Another my favorite is Sukin protein conditioner, which has a mix of great proteins. Overall, I like everything that has a good variety of proteins.

Whenever I am choosing haircare products I try to experiment and see how my hair reacts. Therefore, try to play with hair products and see how your hair benefits from the products rich in proteins. Who knows your hair might really love it and then you can feel like those models from TV commercials with super glossy and elastic hair.

Have you tried hydrolyzed protein haircare products before? Tempted? Let me know! 

  • Alice Cruickshank

    Thanks for sharing this! I hadn’t heard of hydrolyzed protein before. I think I need them in my life!

  • I have quite fine hair, I’ll have to check out some of these products – tangles are always such a pain!!

    • Oh tell me about it, especially when I spend hours walking around super windy Manchester!xx

  • Great post lovely- condensed and informative! I heard proteins are good for our hair but never really understood why- thank you for explaining that! And oh my goodness, look at you, definitely on your productive streak! 🙂 Xxx

    • Thanks honey! I hope next time you hear hydrolysed protein or see on the label you will think about me haha (it sounds so weird but you know, why not!) xx

      • Haha, definitely! You’re the first person I think about when it comes to choosing hair products anyway! 🙂 P.S. Just bought Palmer’s coconut shampoo, conditioner and (I think) mask, let’s see if they’re any good! Xx

  • I’ve not tried the protein in hair products before but your hair is looking so lush!

    Vivian | LIVE IN LOVE
    IG | @viviyunn_


  • Shannon

    I must say I never really paid much thought to what ingredients are in my hair products, just kind of grabbed whatever. Recently, however, I’ve wanted to grow my hair out and I want it to be the shiniest and healthiest it can be! Will definitely be checking some of those products out.

    Shann Eileen |

    • Honey, you came to the right place to learn more about the ingredients and how to have wonderful hair! Let me know how your hair journey goes! xx