Something New – New Wash Shampoo

I have to be honest, I was supposed to share New Wash shampoo a while ago. But you know, Japan, life, winter happens and you are slightly behind your schedule. Anyway, if you read my post about what is a good hair salon, you will know I visited RCNQ hair salon in Manchester. During my time there I got my hair washed by one and only New Wash Shampoo by Hairstory.

New Wash Shampoo is 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. When it comes to haircare washing products 2-in-1 usually I am slightly frightened, because I need my shampoo and I need conditioner – separately. Yet, New Wash formulation is very different from those 2-in-1 products.


Firstly, New Wash is an oil-based product, which means it does not lather and the consistency feels like body lotion. Secondly, it is very moisturizing because of the oils and emollients. Because it is detergent free it can be more gentle for sensitive scalp, very dry hair or bleached hair.

When I got my hair washed by Rob at RCNQ, my hair did feel unbelievably soft. Therefore, I was impressed that one product can give so much moisture to my hair. When Rob did his magic on my hair and styled it, he also applied Hair balm from Hairstory, which makes hair look sleeker and holds the waves very well. As for my sensitive scalp, it did not irritate or cause itchiness.

The moment New Wash shampoo was applied to my scalp I thought it would be a great product for those who have bleached hair. Also, for dyed hair, very dry, frizzy hair and especially great for those who experience frizzy hair around hair roots.

I have spent some time reading other peoples reviews online. The tricky part with New Wash is application and how to wash hair as it doesn’t foam. Apparently massaging scalp and rinsing with a lot of water is the way to go. However, every review I came across had a positive feedback and noticed improvement of hair health after approximately 5 washes.

In my case I only got my hair washed once with New Wash and I loved how moisturized my hair felt only with one product. Yet, I would like to try it for a longer period of time to see how my scalp reacts.

Overall, from the ingredients list, I do think it is a great product that can really help for those who have damaged and very dry hair. In addition, anyone who suffers from product buildup or has very curly hair should really benefit from this product. Also, if you like one efficient product to do all the trick and magic for the hair, New Wash could be a best friend.

Want to try New Wash Shampoo? Head over to RCNQ hair salon in Manchester and ask for Rob, he will make your hair feel and look wonderful!

Have you tried New Wash shampoo? Tempted now? Let me know what you think!