Hair inspiration – Monday news #3

December is here and Christmas inspiration is everywhere! Actually, I cannot believe how quickly times goes and I have one week until my viva. This means in a week time (hopefully) I will become Dr.Laura. However, let’s hold that thought until next week.

Anyway, with winter season and cold weather, I am looking for ways to keep myself and my hair warm. Therefore, I came across some hairstyles posts and videos that I have to share with you.

Favourite Hair posts


21 Ponytail Hairstyles Giving The School Girl Updo A High Fashion Overhaul

Hands down that 85% of my time I go for a ponytail. It is such a comfortable hairstyle and can really work during good or bad hair days. However, sometimes it is fun to jazz things up and have a different style ponytail. Where to get the best ponytail inspiration? Of course red carpet! Hope you will find some inspiration for this festive season.


Harper’s Bazaar

Meghan Markle’s hair hack for “extra bounce”

I am sure I am not the only one happy and obsessed with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?! Since Suits came out she was one of my most favorite characters and very chic inspiring. Apparently, her style is breaking the internet and every piece of fashion item is sold out. However, when it comes to the hair secrets I want to know everything because she does have great hair!

Hair Video Inspiration

During cold winter days hat is a must. Therefore, here is some hair styling inspiration for you (and for me).

Wishlist Hair Products

Shop Philip Kingsley products

To be honest, only recently I came across Philip Kingsley hair products, yet I heard about the brand for a while. Anyway, I tried scalp exfoliator and also itchy scalp shampoo – game changers! Absolutely impressed with the products and how well they work on my sensitive scalp. In addition, after reading the story behind Philip Kingsley and how the brand helps people with hair problems from Alopecia Areata to heavily processed and damaged hair I am lusting over their products.


Personal Favourite

You know, with a personal favorite, it really makes me think what made me happy or smile during the week. Then I had a light bulb in my head – my friends. I am especially grateful to a few of my friends that every single day reminds me what is a true friendship. From a coffee chat to tears, to laugh to celebrating a birthday and constantly supporting each other in every step.


Do you have any hair inspiration to share? Or something that makes you smile? Let’s share!
Have a wonderful week!