Travelling – what hair products do you need during your travels

One of the main reasons I love Christmas is that I get to go home and do a bit of travelling. Even though it is travelling back home it is still very exciting for me. However, with my recent trip to Japan and upcoming holiday preparing key hair products is a must.

Of course, I would always take shampoo with me, this time I am taking Philip Kingsley itchy/flaky scalp shampoo (review coming soon!). However, I also need some good styling products because I am obsessed with curling my hair.

I bet you already know this product and I reviewed it before but Redken Pillow proof dry shampoo is a game changer. A little secret, back at home I really like to ask my mum to braid my hair and you know braids are always better on second or third-day hair. Therefore, dry shampoo can soak up grease from the roots and give some volume for gorgeous braid.

My another trusty is Nexxus serum. During my travelling time in Japan, Nexxus came all the way with me. It is such a versatile product as it works great 0n wet and dry hair. This serum adds moisture, strength, and elasticity to my hair. Also, whenever my hair is all over the place I like to add a few drops and somehow it just looks better. Also, VOGUE editor Sarah Harris swears by this product, which makes me love  Nexxus even more.

Styling products know becoming my good friends. Since I can remember I loved voluminous curls or nice beachy waves, yet I always felt lazy/not talented to achieve that look. However, since I submitted my PhD I gave myself a promise to focus more on and more on styling my hair. Recently I got ghd curling thong, which I am loving and really trying to improve my skills in styling my hair. I tried several curl hold sprays and ghd products are my favorite as they don’t make my hair feel heavy or sticky. In case you wondering how ghd work check out this post.

Personally, whenever I am going away, whether back home or across the world I do want to have a great hair day. Therefore, I always think about having clean hair and maintaining the strength of my hair. Also, whether I am going to style my hair and if I need any help in keeping my hair in shape.

My travelling hair products

What hair products do you take during your traveling? Have you used any of my favorite ones? Tempted? Let me know!