Hairwonderfulday became Dr.Hairwonderfulday

Since the day I started my blog I knew it has to concentrate on hair and not me. I love talking about hair and beauty, but not that much about myself. Yet, I felt it is time to share something special with You – I am officially Dr.Laura.

Right now I am back where it all started – in Lithuania, Vilnius. My home where my dreams were born and my safe place. Seven years ago I had no clue that I will become Dr.Laura in dermatology. Trust me, I had no clue what hair follicle was!

A bit personal story. I have never been straight A* student, just a normal student. I did life sciences at school and overall my goal was to do dentistry. Yet, I had very big dreams to travel, explore and learn English. During my final year at school, I decided out of interest to apply for Biochemistry in the United Kingdom. I had no clue what I was doing or what even biochemistry was, I just knew I want to travel and I love biology.

My first choice was the University of Manchester, but I got rejected. Then, I got an excellent offer from Cardiff University. More importantly, I also got accepted to do dentistry. Everything that I wanted fall into the place. At home I was safe, I could study dentistry, be close to my family, understand language and be in the city I know. In Cardiff, I knew no one, never been in UK, had no clue how to wash my clothes or cook dinner. Being unbelievably naive at age of 19 I packed my stuff and moved to Cardiff.

Let me be honest, the first year was extremely difficult. The language, boys, degree, extra weight (oh midnight shots and Dominos) and I wasn’t sure if I actually made the right decision. However, I am pretty stubborn and I just kept going. The second year came with better experience, followed by the third year that was the best year. I knew who are my friends, I knew the language, country and I also got excellent opportunity to do summer placement at Immunology department. I was very lucky to have an excellent supervisor who really believed in me and pushed me to continue my career in science and potentially becoming Dr.

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Therefore, during my final year, I was applying for PhDs. I had very little luck, yet I did not give up as my dream was to become Dr. Still, remember when I saw PhD at University in Manchester in hair biology. Literally, had zero knowledge what hair biology was but I still applied. Thankfully I got an interview. Let me tell, when I arrived in Manchester, I just felt it was the right place for me. However, I thought I completely failed the interview, but I was wrong, I got the place. Therefore, I successfully finished BSc Biochemistry, found a perfect apartment in Manchester and started my Dr. jouney in September 2013.

In Manchester, I grew and became who I am today. Four years being in Manchester gave me chance to grow as a scientist and travel to conferences in Germany, Miami, Japan and get scientific papers out. Importantly, I met wonderful people and learned a lot about myself. I had days I loved I had days when I hated everything around me. During my PhD I fell in love and moved in with my boyfriend. Also, Hairwonderfulday was born during my PhD when I realised I want to create something where I could share my knowledge.

And here we are, four years later and three hours of my PhD viva, I officially became Dr.Laura. For me, it does still feel surreal, but I am very happy and proud of everything I achieved.

What’s next? I am currently 26 years old, Dr. with PhD and passion for engagement and cosmetics. Applying for jobs, but also taking a break. I realised this is time for me to relax, put myself as a priority (not my cells or hair follicles) and find the job that I truly love.

With New Year coming, I am very excited about the new chapter. I am finishing this year with a smile, with big goals and dreams. Wish me luck!