Hair inspiration – Monday news #4

Can’t believe that last Monday I defended my PhD and now I am officially Dr. Laura. Anyway, I am now back home, enjoying the snow, Christmas lights and of course taking some time to look for hair inspiration. Of course, this is the most festive week of the entire year and inspiration is required!

Favourite Hair Post


9 Dazzling Party Hair Ideas for When the Invite Say, “Be Extra”

Suprise surprise VOGUE article is again here. However, this is such an awesome article, I love the design, music and the hairstyles. Go, have a look and get that inspiration for the one and only big festive party you have coming!


11 Hairstyles Consider This Winter

With New Year approaching, I am sure majority of us coming up with New Year resolutions. How about a new hairstyle? I feel whenever I get a haircut or do something to my hair it suddenly changes my confidence and my attitude. Need some inspiration for your new 2018 hair or festive time? Then this is the article you need!


Favourite Hair Video

With festive season comes festive parties. Yet, somehow I always in a rush (ok, maybe not always but most time). Therefore, some serious hair hacks are needed!


Wishlist Hair Products

John Masters Organics

I remember over a year I discovered John Masters Organics brand. However, I only tried it several times but I absolutely love the brand. With the cold weather looking after my scalp becomes my priority, therefore these are John Masters Organics products I am lusting over.



Personal Favourite

Being at home for the festive season. Since I moved to UK seven years ago, this is my first Christmas when I don’t have to think about exams, work or hair follicle experiments. I am excited not to rush and see everyone, but actually to relax and enjoy some quality time.



What are your plans for the last week before Christmas? A lot of parties or family time? Let me know!