Last minute Christmas hair gift guide

Can you believe that Christmas is nearly here?! I count myself very lucky as it is currently snowing in Lithuania and I can officially feel Christmas vibes.

Anyway, even though I managed to get all my Christmas shopping on time, there are still a few last-minute purchases. Therefore, I wanted to share with you ultimate Christmas hair gift guide. This is great for a friend, sister, mother, girlfriends or anyone who loves hair products.

For someone who dyes hair a lot

With hair dying comes hair damage or colour fading. Therefore, hair masks and treatments are great for protecting hair and maintaining that gorgeous colour. If you know someone who likes to change hair colour, going for some hair treatments is a great gift!

For someone who loves their hair

Do you have a special person in your life who takes a lot of care of their hair? Or you just know they love beauty products?  These are the products that would definitely put a smile on their face!


For someone who loves to style hair

Since I got ghd curling thong I am obsessed with curling my hair. I am sure majority of us know someone who loves to style their hair or always impress with fantastic hair look.


Overall, I believe that having great hair day can really make us happy. Getting someone good hair products can really leave big smile on their face. Trust me, few people are getting some hair goodies from me! Also, whilst I was researching hair products I really thought I should get something from me to me. Don’t forget yourself during this busy Christmas time and of course your hair!

Would you like to get hair products under the Christmas tree? Or you know someone who would love hair products as a gift? Let me know!