Hair resolutions for the New Year – 2018

New Year is officially here. After a few years of not celebrating New Year, this year I welcomed 2018 with a lot of excitement and being around wonderful people.  I already have done the workout, had healthy lunch and now enjoying some dark chocolate with coffee. Overall, good start of 2018.

Personally, I like the begging of the New Year, as it allows me to set goals for the upcoming months. With a list of personal and career orientated dreams, I also have some  #hairgoals for 2018 that I would like to share with you

Style my hair better

I have never ever been a big hair or makeup girl. In addition, I always admit that my styling skills are poor. Yet, for 2018 I really want to learn how to make my hair more bouncy using my new lovely ghd curling tong. Also, I constantly get inspired by great hairstyles, such as ponytails or braids that can turn bad hair day into good hair day. Therefore, my aim is to become an expert at least in a few hairstyles.

Use Pinterest for hair inspiration

Not that long ago I was having a chat with my dear friend and she said to me it is about time I get Pinterest. I know, I am so late at Pinterest game, but I always found it so confusing. However, after a few evenings browsing and collecting hair inspiration, I am becoming addicted. For New Year, I want to use more Pinterest for hairstyles inspiration and potentially hair and makeup.

Take care of my scalp more

Since I started Hairwonderfulday I always said healthy scalp is a key for healthy hair. I always try my best to take care of my scalp and I shared before that time to time I suffer from dandruff. However, being back in Lithuania where the temperature is low and central heating is on, my scalp went ‘crazy’. I started getting these red dry dandruff patches around my hairline that just don’t go away. I tried all the shampoos I brought with me but nothing is working yet. Therefore, one of my goals is to find the right products to treat my scalp during those cold winter days.

Overall, I am a strong advocate that beautiful hair can make us feel more confident and ready to take New Year resolutions. Therefore, my biggest plan for 2018 is to work on self-love more and of course, give more love to my hair.

What are your New Year resolutions? Anything beauty related? Let me know!