Hair inspiration – Monday news #5

I have to remind myself that today is the 15th of January, the middle of the new month. It has been over a month since I defended my PhD and soon it will be a month since Christmas. Oh my, time just flies by! However, I cannot say that I experience much of holidays blues as I am excited about work and the future. Now I know that taking a break after my PhD submission has been one of the best decisions I have made.

Anyway, while I am half watching “Friends” on Netflix I am also looking for some exciting hair news.


Favourite Hair Posts


I know it has been a while since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement. Yet, she is still breaking the internet and is becoming major fashion inspiration. Also, I love that she embraces unwashed hair with half messy bun.


My obsession with wavy hair is REAL. Literally, every time I see someone with gorgeous effortless waves I can’t stop looking! All my #hairinspiration is wavy hair. Therefore, this article is a great tutorial how to achieve a different type of wavy hair.

Favourite Hair Video

You know those NY resolutions with healthy eating and exercise? Well, I am already pretty good at my food choices and exercise. However, I really want to keep my hair styling goals growing. And yes, again wavy hair tutorial!

Hair Products Wishlist

Let me introduce you to Oribe. I have seen this brand in some videos or different posts. Yet, never tried myself or knew much about it. After some research, I love the packing of Oribe, the ingredients, and the story behind. Oribe, you are next on my wishlist!

Personal Favourite

Winter in Lithuania. Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I saw snow or the temperature around -10. Usually, I am warm climate girl (even though I spend 4 years in rainy Manchester), yet there is some sort of magic about cold, frosty mornings. Are you enjoying winter?!