Hair loss – the reasons behind

Hair loss – raise your hand if at least once in your life you thought about it and asked yourself “Why I am loosing so much hair?”.  For me, hair loss is a common issue and my hair is everywhere – on bedsheets, my clothes, boyfriends clothes, towels and on everything I touch. I have a lot of hair, and I even managed to clog our sink once because I did not notice how much hair I was brushing away.

Anyway, hair loss has been one of the most requested topics on my Instagram. Therefore, I collected all the information and tried to summarize it in a simple way for You.

Hair growth process

Hair growth is divided into three stages. Anagen, which lasts around 6-8 years and 80-90% of our hair are in the anagen phase. Next is catagen, which is only a couple of weeks long and around 1-2% of our hair in catagen. Finally, telogen that is final hair growth stage, for about 3 months and 10-20% of our hair in telogen. Once telogen is over hair falls out and the new hair follicle starts formating leading to the new hair. Overall, we want to keep our hair in anagen phase as it is growth phase and avoid catagen and telogen.



Surprise surprise, but stress is one of the key contributors to hair loss. I definitely noticed that with my hair. How does it work? Well, stress in our bodies causes a release of various mediators, also known as neuropeptides. These neuropeptides then affect different cells that start releasing more products that stop anagen phase and initiate catagen. Therefore, when we stressed we can notice unexpected hair loss.



Hormones are involved in controlling hair growth by regulating anagen/telogen cycles. Triggers such as the contraceptive pill, pregnancy, ovarian cysts, period loss, thyroid function can affect hormonal balance and lead to the hair loss. For example, increased production of testosterone causes the production of more dihydrotestosterone, which can suppress anagen phase. This is more common in men, yet this can also occur in women.

Dietary insufficiency

A healthy diet is also very important for hair growth. Deficiency in micronutrients such as vitamin D, B’s, iron, zinc can also lead to the hair loss. These micronutrients are essential in maintaining the healthy environment for the hair growth. However, please do not go and spend money on those MagicalHairPills as they are not worth it. You need to get checked if you are actually deficient in any micronutrients in order for them to work. Also, there is some evidence that too much of vitamin A can also initiate hair loss. Therefore, be careful with supplements and use them only if you actually suffering from low levels. There are plenty of documentaries and articles highlighting that constant use of vitamins does not help our bodies and can be toxic (or you can actually experience bad constipation, not attractive). Personally, I choose to eat well and get my micronutrients from food and better spend my money on fancy conditioner or a lipstick.


Immune system and scalp conditions

If you had a long and bad cold you might also experience hair loss. Any disease or stress to our bodies again activates various immune cells that can defend and heal our bodies. In doing so, immune cells release various mediators that can protect but also affect hair cycling. Therefore, healthy body and immune system are important for healthy hair.

I said this before healthy scalp means healthy hair. As such, changes in scalp pH or increase in dandruff can affect scalp and hair follicle health, which means hair loss.


Overall, our bodies are very unique, so as our hair cycling. I hope this has been useful and maybe gave you some answers or suggestions. In my upcoming post, I will share products that might control hair loss, so stay tuned. However, the best way to avoid hair loss is to love your body – choose the right foods and avoid stress. 
Have a wonderful day and love your hair!