What have I learned about my hair

I have never been brave or confident enough to experiment with my hair. Yes, when I was 14 I wanted to get dreadlocks, or at least one. I also wanted to dye my hair pink at the back, because I thought that was super cool. In addition, I was craving for fringe and my mum said it won’t suit me. However, she had to choose dreadlocks, pink hair or fringe and I got fringe. Huge fail, I looked like I was 4 years old and it did not suit my bone structure at all. My tip for a younger generation – always trusts your mother’s judgment!

Anyway, now I am a lot more responsible and very careful when it comes to my hair. Also, during my time writing hair blog I learned even more about my hair.

My hair loves conditioner

When I came home for Xmas I did not bring conditioner. I did not even bother buying one, as I thought it would be great to see how my hair reacts. After two weeks, my hair was dry, static and all over the place. Especially with the heating on and extremely cold days, I started getting anxious that my hair is just not looking right. Therefore, I run into the beauty shop and got myself conditioner. It might sound weird, but I and my hair felt much better after applying a lovely amount of conditioner.

My hair, I promise always to use conditioner!

Sleeping with wet hair is no good

I have watched countless tutorials about sleeping with wet hair in a bun to get those effortless beachy waves. I got the right hair tie, “educated” myself with all the tips and tricks and was ready to get my dreamy hair look while sleeping. Oh, how disappointed I was. Every time I tried, I always looked I have been electroshocked, my hair was all over the place and a big mess. My hair looks best when it is blow-dried at low temperature and if I want to have those beachy waves I need a hot tool for that.

Sleeping is for dreaming, not making my hair wavy

I need to improve my hair styling skills

When I got my PhD my boyfriend got me ghd curling tong. You know PhD in hair so hair related present fits well. Anyway, I really got into styling and waving my hair, which I realised I was pretty bad at. It took me a while to learn, how and which direction curl my hair, what products to use and more. Yet, I realised more and more that wavy hair is my favourite style. When I manage to get the right hair look I do feel great. Wavy hair is big yes for me, but I need to improve my styling skills.

Overall, since I got into hair blogging I am very keen to keep improving hair health and my styling. I will always love the feeling how good hair day can make me feel.

What have you learned about your hair? Any hair care secrets or hair tips? Let me know!
  • Amie

    My hair is ridiculously curly and thick and I went against my mum’s advice recently and got a fringe 🙄. One drop of rain and I have a mini Afro on my forehead. Totally seconding that you should always trust your mum’s advice haha!

  • Yes babe, I totally agree, sleeping with wet hair is SO bad for you. I brush my hair 100 times everyday to stimulate growth and I think having the right hair brush for your hair also is very important!


  • Sophie Elisabeth

    some nice points here. I need to stop sleeping with damp hair, but I prefer it natural dried!

    • I do like when my hair naturally dries but if I fall sleep with wet hair next day is not my best hair day!!! xxx

  • Shannon

    You’re right, moms really know what’s best! I definitely listen to my mom now when I want to do a hair change haha. I am also guilty of sleeping with my hair wet then waking up looking crazy. I need to work on showering in the morning and doing my hair then, it will look so much better!

    Shann Eileen | http://www.shanneileen.com

    • My mother recently suggested I get some highlights on my hair and you know I am seriously considering this haha! xx

  • I’m guilty of sleeping with wet hair but it’s only because I don’t have time to actually wash my hair in the morning and I can’t be bothered to dry it in the evening ! 😘😁