Hair thickness – what ingredients to look for

Having more hair volume and thickness has always been one of my #hairgoals. I do have a lot of hair, yet sometimes I just want to lift my hair and feel more thickness. You know that feeling?

Over the years I tried different styling products. Variety mousses, sprays, gels, shampoos – everything that is on the market. Some worked well, some made my hair unbelievably sticky that even tornado wouldn’t make my hair flat. As with all hair products, ingredients are responsible for all the action and how our hair looks. So, I thought it is time to share some key ingredients that can make hair thick and voluminous.


This is one of the ingredients that I speak a lot about. I wrote a separate article about it a while ago, that you can check here. Anyway, it has been shown that panthenol can add more thickness to the hair by 10% as it penetrates well inside the hair and expands it. Another benefit of panthenol is moisture and shine, as it can add both. Go panthenol!


Have you seen those big L’Oreal commercials about shampoo and conditioner that adds huge volume? Thanks to filoxane or in other words in the ingredients list aminopropyltriethoxysilane. This specific compound has been discovered by L’Oreal. Therefore, you can find a lot of different products from Kerastase to Redken to L’Oreal in Boots. Yet, the composition of all ingredients matters and what concentrations of filoxane is actually added. How does it work? Aminopropyltiethoxysilane reacts well with water and can penetrate inside the hair, interact with proteins and remain there after the wash. As such, it expands hair fiber making hair look more thick and voluminous.


One of the most common ingredients you can find in hair styling products is polymers. Specifically, VP/VA/PVP copolymers that dry on hair by forming a thick coat. VP/VA are very common in gels, sprays and mousses as it “sticks” hair together and lifts it up, giving more volume and body. Usually, VP/VA are added together with Polyquartenium agents, as it enhances holding hair in place and looking thicker.


The ingredients above are the key ones I would go for when looking for hair thickening products. Yet, there are claims that hydrolysed protein and silicones also add more volume and thickness. It does work by forming a coat on the hair, which again makes hair look thicker and fuller. Personally, I choose hydrolysed protein for moisture and strength, whilst silicones for shine. However, if you have generally very thick voluminous hair (lucky you!), silicones and hydrolysed protein won’t make your hair go even bigger.

Also, the way we style our hair has a huge impact on the volume. I am still improving my styling skills on that so I might report later.

Overall, I love when my hair is voluminous and have more thickness. I love when I can get thick ponytail or an amazing blowdry that makes me feel like I am ready to tackle the world!
Do you like adding more volume to your hair? What are your favorite products? Let me know!