New York Fashion Week – Hair looks

It is again that time of the year – Fashion Week. From New York, to London, Milan and finally Paris. By no means I am fashion expert, but I do love my VOGUE and stalking fashion updates on Instagram.

Thanks to technology and bloggers, we can actually experience new shows and see upcoming trends. I do love watching models walking with clothes that bring excitement or “I would never wear that”.  Yet, I also enjoy seeing hairstyles and how they complement the look. During New York fashion week I was excited about several well-known designers and see what hairstyles they bring.

Victoria Beckham

She is my role model, girl crush, girlboss and everything else. I have been a big fan of Beckhams, and also love her style. She always looks so sophisticated, chic and elegant. Her clothes are nothing extravagant, yet probably the only thing I can afford is her lipstick from Estee Lauder line. Anyway, the collection was gorgeous as always, yet more oversized and casual than usual. However, I loved the simplicity of HAIR and makeup. As Victoria said in one of her interviews she wanted models to show their personality, difference, and uniqueness. For me, simplicity with hair is the key and I loved how this collection showed diversity.

Ralph Lauren

I think I fall in love with Ralph Lauren brand even more after re-watching 10 seasons of Friends recently. Anyway, Ralph Lauren won’t shock you with something out of this world, he will always have that American sophistication in his clothes. With hair and makeup, he never goes overboard, including this collection. Personally, this is one of my most favourite collections he has done in the last few years and same as in Victorias show, hair and makeup were simple and reflected models personality. Apparently, the collection was Jamaican inspired, whilst for me, it was more Hamptons is calling. Clearly, my fashion knowledge is limited!

Tom Ford

Oh Tom Ford, one of my most favourite brands that shouts #confidence. I am fond of Tom’s work, from fashion to films. Yet, with this collection, I am in the middle. As always, loved the tailoring and suits, but for me slightly too much 80’s vibe and animal print. With hair, it is all about rocking leather hair bands, which apparently makes look really stand out. Personally, I don’t own many headbands, but maybe it is worth considering? With the right look and makeup, I think it can really work out and jazz up the look.

Jeremy Scott

 I enjoy watching Jeremy Scott shows and what crazy ideas he is bringing. Same as every year, crazy, random, colourful clothes were shown. With the hair, models had a short colourful bob. Obviously, clothes and hairstyle in this collection go hand-in-hand. I believe that some people can really pull off this sort of look. Would you consider short neon bob?

NYFW is something I would like to go and watch one day. But in the meantime, I will trust my Instagram and VOGUE updates to get hair inspiration. Or collect my Hair and outfits inspiration on Pinterest.
What do you think about fashion week? Which designer hair look is your favourite? Let me know!