SAYA designs – hairpins to safe environment

Ever since I can remember I always loved beautiful clothes, shoes, and accessories. My heart sings when I get new VOGUE or get to wear Jimmy Choo. However, I also follow a plant-based diet for two years and feel my best when I am in nature. Therefore, I love everything that is good quality, makes me feel good and I can have with me for many years to come.

One of my New Years resolutions was to style my hair better and feel good. Therefore, the timing was perfect when I discovered SAYA hair designs.

SAYA designs create unique hairpins. However, they are not one of those ordinary hairpins, they are very extraordinary due to story and mission behind. The creator Victoria established SAYA designs out of love for nature and environmental issues. At SAYA plant waste materials in Indonesia are used to craft and create unique hairpins.

SAYA creates hairpins for all hair types from short to long. Personally, I have never owned hair pin but I am happy that my first one comes together with a beautiful story behind. It was handcrafted in Bali with a mission to look after our environment. SAYA designs are all about recycle, repurpose, replenish. 

Personally, when I am working on my computer I really like having my hair in a bun. Trust me, SAYA hairpin has been my go-to hair accessory recently. When I first got it I thought it might not be my style, but the story behind really inspired me to use it more. And now, I cannot take it off whenever I want quickly put my hair up.

I can say for sure, SAYA hairpin is good quality, makes me and my hair feel good and I know I can use for many years to come.
Do you like hairpins? Have you ever used hair accessory with a beautiful story behind? Let me know!