London Fashion Week – Hair Looks

In a few days, I am moving to London. Beyond excited for my new job and chapter in my life. While I spend my days packing and getting familiar with my new job, I kept checking news from London FW. To be honest, as much as I am happy about living in a big smoke city, London FW is the one I am least excited. Anyway, there were a few shows and hairstyles that caught my eye.

Sadie Williams

Sadie Williams is a designer I haven’t heard much about but her presentation did look beautiful. The mix of the sixties and seventies, warm colors, and elegance. All the clothes and style was close to my heart. However, mostly I loved the hair! Big, big ponytail, rich in volume and texture. In general, I love the thick hair and big ponytails are absolutely stunning. Sadie Williams I am excited to see your upcoming collections and hairstyles!


Oh the sparkles and glitter. Such a disco collection that I absolutely loved. Those clothes are screaming let’s go dance and be confident. Also, Louboutins joined the forces with Halpern and collection looked spectacular. Hair again, big and fabulous. Thanks to the hair genius┬áSam McKnight. Sleek hair at the front and then big voluminous ponytail at the back is a serious new trend. Overall, the bigger the better. I am excited to see what Halpern will bring next season.



Oh Burberry… I love this brand, all the trenchcoats, winter jackets, cashmere knits. A year ago I got my first Burberry jacket and since then the love got even stronger. Personally, I got a bit sad when I found out that Christopher Bailey is leaving Burberry. With hair, Burberry does not go extravaganza and I do think in this year collection hair was left relatively simple, which allowed reflecting models personality.


Where there any collections you loved at London fashion week? Maybe going to try big ponytail style? Let me know!