Achieving dreams and loving life

Since I created hairwonderfulday my goal was to share hair topics and science behind. As much as I enjoy doing that I also feel that time to time I want to write something more personal. Therefore, this post is not only about loving the hair but also about loving life.

I submitted my PhD in September and I knew it was the right decision to take a few months off. My goal was to take the cosmetic industry by the storm, move to London and love life. Yet, nothing was the way I wanted or planned.

I kept thinking I am not getting what I want because it is not the right time. Also, I still had a lot to do – go to Japan for World Hair Congress and officially become Dr.Hairwonderfulday. Therefore, I kept saying to myself that I am not moving forward because I still have things to do.

During my trip to Japan, I was trying to enjoy every minute. However, a few times I found it so difficult as something was missing inside. I was missing that “I am achieving my dreams” feeling. Still remember, when one morning, when I was in Tokyo I got several job rejections. That morning I got my bag and said to my partner I just need to get a coffee. I felt upset and did not want to ruin our trip by being emotional. Instead, I went for a walk by myself around fancy shops street. You know, the right way to distract your mind.

Shortly after my trip, I was still applying for jobs and thought there was some progress, but very little. I felt some frustration inside, as I knew I have a strong CV and done a lot during my PhD. Plus, everyone said I am a strong candidate, yet my luck was low. Also, the job market was a lot harder than I ever thought.

My viva came, I became Dr. and went back home to see my family. I had no return ticket as I was not sure what is next. Trust me, that was difficult for me, as I am slightly control freak and I always have a plan. Yet, I kept saying to myself that everything is happening for the reason and I need to enjoy time off.

I still remember when my beautiful friend Olga came to see me and we both set goals for January. We were both smiling and laughing about them, but encouraging each other we can do it.

And guess what, Christmas miracles do happen. Shortly after that I got approached by a few companies, got few interviews and now writing this from my new London flat before starting a new job on Thursday.

When I look at the last few months I could not be happier that I had decent time off after my PhD. During my final year, I felt exhausted, drained and unhappy. Right now, I feel recharged and ready to tackle the world.

The only thing I wish I could change is my worries I carried with me over the months. I do wish I moaned less about not getting what I want to my friends and family and instead appreciated those moments. Some things worked exactly as I wanted, some are slightly different. However, I am happy and positive about the future. The new chapter in my life.

I do believe the law of attraction and dreaming big. And now I believe even more that everything happens for the reason. In case something is not working out for you right now, trust me I know how that can feel. Yet, shut down those emotions, brush it away and enjoy the present.

Everything will fall into the place.

Do you believe in dreaming big? Let me know!