Milan Fashion Week – Hair Looks

The last week has been surrounded by boxes, dust and cleaning. However, I am finally in London, at my new flat, preparing to start my new job. I have to be honest, with all the move from Manchester to London, following fashion week was tricky.

To be honest, Milan and Paris are two of my favourite. So once the boxes were unpacked and after countless cups of coffee, I managed to catch up on some of my most favourite designers.


First time ever I heard about MaxMara was from my mother, long time ago. She always said they make the perfect coats. Now I couldn’t agree more (even though I don’t own one), but MaxMara style is very close to my heart. This year hair was edgy, half done, sectioned and hold by brooche. To be honest, this is probably one of my most favourite hair looks.


One of my most favourite brands that is full of confidence. Every year I enjoy watching the collection and how fantastic models look in those clothes. Hair was very simple, sleek, layed back. The style I would have every single day. I do know that my hair would look even better if I had Versace dress or coat. Dreaming big here!


Shows, magazine photos and attitude is everything that I love about DG brand.  The collections really inspired me to think more about hair accessories. The last few seasons models would have the best headbands. Whether it is special occasion outfit or daily look, those headbands can really elevate the look!

Tommy Hilfiger

This year Tommy Hilfiger presented his collection in Milan. As the last few seasons, it was powerful and clothes were great. I do find Tommy Hilfiger very wearable and that’s why I love the brand. The hair was simple, but with a single braid. I would say that is perfect hair look for upcoming Spring, which is actually today!

With Milan there are so great shows I would like to see one day in real life. Oh and so many great clothes I would like to wear too. But in the meantime, I am comfortable in my sweats looking at fashion shows online.

Do you like Milan FW? Any specific designer you were excited about? Let me know!