What ingredients to look for in hair care products

Hair care commercials, Instagram posts and countless products on the shelves. Yet, with all the available variety and unknown names in the ingredients list choosing the right products might be tricky.

The key hair care products that most of us go for are shampoo and conditioner. A shampoo is essential for cleaning your scalps and maintaining healthy pH. The conditioner is great for conditioning hair, adding and holding moisture that our hair loves.


When it comes to shampoo I like to choose something that has zinc pyriothine or salicylic acid as they are both great for my sensitive scalp. I am not against sulfates, the ones that add foam and wash away dirt from the hair. Sulfate free shampoos do not foam as well as sulfate ones, but they are still effective. However, I would suggest to use sulfate free shampoo if you do suffer from the very sensitive scalp, have very dry hair or damaged dyed hair.

Depending on your scalp condition, you should be looking for key ingredients that could help. If you have dry, sensitive scalp look for these. If you suffering from thinning hair, this post is for you.  For oily scalp, I suggest to stay away from products with zinc pyriothine and go for something with peppermint (menthol), rosemary or salicylic acid.


I could probably talk about this for a while. Yet, my most favourite ingredients are hydrolysed proteins and a large mix of them. Proteins add strength and elasticity to our hair. Choose products that have several different hydrolysed proteins as some of them can penetrate inside the hair, whilst other can coat and protect hair. In addition, you can also look for oils in conditioners as they will hydrate the hair.

To control frizz you will find behentrimonium chloride, which is the anti-static and conditioning agent. Also, you can have a variety of polyquaternium agents, these are responsible for reducing frizz and static electricity.

Silicones are a very common ingredient and again some people love it some not so much. Silicones are great for those who have dyed hair as they can coat the hair and protect against colour fading.

Hair care products

*Tip – whenever you choosing hair product look at the ingredients list. If key ingredients are at the begging it means there is a large amount of them. The further down it means less of them are in that specific product.

What do you usually look for in hair care products? Are you interested to know what to look for in hairstyling products? Let me know!