Ghd hair tong – worth the hype?

I still remember one of my first nights at Cardiff University as biochemistry undergraduate. My halls friend was incredibly good at curling hair and suggested to style mine. She introduced me to hot hair tool and made my hair bouncy and curly, and straight away I got all the confidence I wanted.

Ever since then I got slightly obsessed with wavy/curly hair and what tools to use. Yet, I never wanted to invest more than 30£ as I thought it is just too much. I tried hot curling pods, several different tongs but nothing has actually worked for me. Last year I received Irresistible me hair curling set, which actually was the first one that worked well on my hair.

However, years passed by and during my PhD I realised I want to invest a bit more into hair styling. I have been slightly obsessed with ghd, but never made that purchase. So imagine the smile on my face when I received ghd soft curl tong from my boyfriend as a PhD submission gift. I liked the message behind – PhD in hair, therefore hair related present.

Anyway, I got unbelievably excited to start styling my hair. Trust me, I spend some time playing and trying to find the right way to style my hair with ghd.

What I love about ghd hair tong

The technology behind ghd is great. It is ceramic hair tong, which means it maintains temperature very well. As being ceramic it realises negative ions that are attracted to the hair to minimize frizz and smooth the surface of the hair. When it comes to the hair styling tools ceramic are the best ones as they hold temperature well and are more gentle for the hair, in comparison to titanium or chrome.

The ghd hair tong heats up very quickly, I would say in about 10 seconds. It is also very light and has tri-zone technology, which means heat is distributed equally throughout hair.

Overall, it is a great product for someone who has very healthy hair and also more damaged. Thumbs up!

What I am learning about ghd hair tong

The right way to curl my hair. To be honest, the first time I styled my hair and I went outside my curls were gone in 5 minutes. I tried it again and the same thing happened. Of course, I did use all my styling products such as heat protection and curl hold spray. I even got hairspray that made my hair so sticky that I wanted to wash my hair straight away. Yet, I was stubborn to achieve my wavy hair look with the hair tool I wanted for so long.

After countless tutorials online and tests, I found the way I can use ghd


  • Part my hair into two big sections
  • Apply a generous amount of curl hold spray and brush it through
  • Take relatively thick hair section
  • Wrap around hair tong without using the hair clip
  • Face hair tong down
  • Hold for around 5-10 seconds
  • Release the curl and held intact for another 10 seconds to cool it off
  • Whooalliaa


As I said in my New Year hair goals my goal is to learn how to style my hair. I am sure there are even better ways to curl hair using ghd hair tong, but is the one that so far worked very well for me.

Is ghd actually worth the hype? From the technology perspective absolutely yes. Yet, if you can test it before to see how it works for your hair. Or maybe ask the expert to show how to style using ghd hair tong. Overall, I am loving ghd as it is everything that I wanted and hopefully my New Year goal to become an expert in hair styling will come true very soon.


Do you own ghd hair tong?  Have any great hair tips how to use it? Or how to style for long lasting effect? Let me know!