The best career advices I have ever received

It is nearly a month since I completely changed my career. Let me tell you, the happiness is when you not feeling stressed on Sunday nights and you constantly excited about the new day. I completely understand that this usually comes with the new job. Yet, I hope I can hold on this feeling as long as possible.

To be honest, right now I am at my proper first job. I spend 7 years in higher education, which thought me a lot. However, in those 7 years, I also got a few bits of career advice that probably meant me more than this long timescale of holding pipette in my hands. I hold onto them seriously and I hope you find them useful too.

Use what you have

When I was doing my degree in biochemistry I had no clue what I want to do with my life.  It was always important to get a degree, yet I did not know much about the career possibilities. After my second year, I was keen to work on the shop floor or in some charity organisation. However, my mum stopped me straight away saying I need to use my degree to get relevant experience. I took her advice and I applied for countless internships in Cardiff Uni labs. I probably got 3000 rejections, but eventually, I got placement in the lab. It was unpaid but the experience I got was unbelievable. I met great people that I learned from. But most importantly, I realised I want to do PhD and grow more in the academic environment. Short after that, I got PhD in hair biology and that’s how hairwonderfulday was born. Where I am right now in my career I really doubt I would be if I haven’t done that one summer placement using my degree.

If you doing a degree, use it. It does not matter if you love it or hate, just use it during your free time. Get as much relevant experience as possible. Yes, some of that might not be paid, but the value of your time and experience is worth much more.

Inspiration and passion

My dearest friend Dovile, who has immense strength always inspired me about her passion for anything she does. She started a business of wedding planning in Tenerife from nothing, just putting all her hard work and passion (she is the one you need to talk with you need some help on your wedding). Never have I ever heard her talking about profits, only just how passionate she is to become an entrepreneur. Guess what – she is acing that game. She showed me how important is to have a passion for anything you do.Right now I am full of enthusiasm for my new job. It is something I always wanted to do, in slightly different industry, but the experience I am getting is fantastic.

I think the best gift you can give yourself is to do something that inspires you every single day. Being full of passion for your career is living your life 100%.

Have a plan

I heard this saying once  “if you want to make God laugh tell your plans”. Which is so true, because certain situations sometimes workout in a completely different way. Yet, when it comes to having a plan it is all about your personal development. Write down a list of want you want to achieve in order to grow in your career. When I started my new job I wrote a list of key goals I want to get out of that role. People management? Marketing course? Finance knowledge? Anything that comes your way, write it down. Sometimes just doing your job great is not enough, push those boundaries away and discover yourself in a different way.

Have a vision of how far you want to go in your career and always keep growing your personal development with your plan. 

Are you passionate about your career? Do you have any advice? Please share with me!