Office job – my hair care routine

It has been over a month since I started my new office job in London. I am still enjoying every minute and trying to take most of my day.

For some reason, I always wanted to live in London and be part of that busy career-driven community. Having day full of meetings and discussions, followed by dinner with friends in lively restaurants on Tuesday night. I have the lifestyle I really wanted. I am at the office at 7.30 am nearly every day and stay until 5 pm ish, which means I do have to look good and have a great hair day. Gone are days of jumpers and unwashed hair with pipette in my hands, now it is time for dresses and good makeup.

So with an early start, washing hair the night before is a must. It does give me more time to blow dry or take time to do the more natural drying. My current favorite products for washing are Charles Worthington charcoal shampoo and restoring brunette conditioner. Let me tell you when I choose a new shampoo, I am always careful, as I do have a dry and sensitive scalp. Yet, Charles Worthington did not make my scalp flake or itchy. It contains charcoal powder, which works as an absorbent, meaning it is great to wash off any dirt from hair.

Even though I never dyed my hair, I still like to make sure my hair has the right shine. Charles Worthington conditioner has the ingredients you want in conditioner – some oils that add moisture and anti-static agents. Overall, using these both in combination leaves my scalp fresh and my hair feeling soft. Honestly, unbelievably soft.

Next, I always use L’Oreal Elvive hair oil, it is the holy grail that lasted me for over a year. One of my favourite things to do before washing hair is to apply a decent amount of oil on my dry hair and leave it for 30 minutes. This works as a great before wash hair mask.¬†Heat protection is a must and currently using Charles Worthington radiance restore. I have previously used heat protection from this brand and truly loved it, therefore this is a new exciting addition to my collection.

Finally, on days when I feel I want to push my office working glamour a bit further, I curl my hair the next morning. My hair is dry and ready to be styled using ghd curling tong and curl hold spray. Also, I have shorter hair now, which is so much easier to curl and saves me a lot of time.

Overall, since I moved to London, I felt like it was time to really take care of myself. Spending over 4 years in the lab did not encourage to make an actual effort to look good. Right now, I am loving dressing up every day or trying to look my best during office hours. It does make me smile more and this is what I need for a confidence boost.

How do you deal with your hair during busy office days? Any special tips how to style? Please let me know!