Beauty rules you need to know about – according to the science

There are so many beauty rules and even more beauty products. Yet, finding the right rules to follow for glowing skin and healthy hair can be slightly challenging. I certainly tried a lot of them and some were a massive fail, some worked wonders. As such, I used some of my scientific background and beauty passion to share beauty rules that I know work 100%.

Gut health is essential for skin glow

Any spot on my face is a big enemy for me. Yet, in comparison how my skin used to look like several years ago, a casual spot is nothing. I was dealing with pretty bad acne in my early 20s and I tried a lot moisturizes and treatments. However, the problem was my gut health and my diet. Constant dairy, products loaded with sugar and lack of home-cooked meals. My digestion was non-existent and my skin showed that. After countless doctors visits and research, I realised I need to take serious action. I finally ditched dairy, started reading ingredients on everything I was buying and become slightly obsessed with cooking at home.

Science fact: For example, people who suffer from psoriasis and been diagnosed with gluten intolerance noticed significant skin improvement after removing gluten from the diet. There is plenty of research showing strong gut-skin connection and I that just makes me more enthusiastic to follow a healthy gut diet.

My beauty rule: Start your day with warm water and lemon, get good probiotics, ditch all those “healthy” bars, cook at home and look after your gut. It is the way to feel good and have glowing skin!

Don’t mask it if you don’t have to mask it

Hair masks are huge in hair care industry. Personally, I don’t own one and haven’t used one for a very long time. Hair masks are great if your hair is very damaged and dry, in other words, porous hair.

Science fact: Hair shaft needs to have these”holes” that masks could nourish and fill in. Yet, if you have healthy hair you might notice that after using mask your hair feels heavy or just not right, as hair mask “sits” on the hair instead of getting inside.

My beauty rule: If you have healthy hair, use a good shampoo, nourishing conditioner, and hair oil. That’s what your hair needs and will take in 100%.

Favourite beauty products

Washing hair can be damaging

Having clean hair is essential, yet how we wash our hair has a huge impact on our hair health. How we apply shampoo, conditioner and how hard is our water can really affect our hair look.

Science fact: When applying shampoo and conditioner it is important not to rub hair into each other. Massage your scalp and be gentle when applying haircare product on your hair. If hair fibers are rubbed into each other that leads to the friction and split end formation.

My beauty rule: Easy – be gentle and enjoy relaxing hair wash process. Also, be gentle with towel drying and use a soft towel.

Sun causes wrinkles and pigmentation problems

I am very guilty of loving sun and natural tan. During the start of my early 20s, sunscreen protection did not exist in my beauty cupboard. The more tanned I was the better it was, which is a very wrong mindset. I am lucky that I don’t burn and my skin turns into nice brown colour. Yet, after spending 4 years in dermatology department and hearing countless talks about skin damage, I am seriously avoiding the sun. Actually, now being 27 I am already noticing some consequences of my tanning obsession.

Science fact: The more tanned you are the more skin damage is happening. Melanin in our skin provides colour and protects against UV damage. The more UV light our skin gets, the darker it goes.

My beauty rule: Bring on high SPF and protect your skin. I am now choosing to have fewer tan lines and as such less skin pigmentation and unwanted moles.

What beauty rules do you follow? Do you use specific products for your beauty rules? Please let me know as I would love to know!